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200w CFL Closet Soil Grow(Afghani & Skunk #1)****PiCs****

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by stoned_bunny, May 11, 2010.

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    Ok so this is really a second part of a journal but i felt the title wasn't providing the best description.

    Everything before this is in another thread : /578544-closet-grow-2-ft-32w-bulbs-soil.html

    MG Organic Potting Soil
    200watt cfl by sunleaves

    Temp:77-80F(off) 85-88F(on)
    Watering: Every 3-4 Days (1/2 Gallon Each)(Distilled Water)
    Nutrients:Fox Farms Grow Big (3 Teaspoons Per Gallon)
    pH: Adjusted to 7 (After Adding Nuts) Runoff: 6.0 (Afghani) 6.5 (skunk #1)
    Height:Afghani=22 Inches Skunk #1=19 Inches

    Pictures are as follows:
    1.Afghani on the Left/ Skunk on the right.
    2.Birdseye view . (Afghani)
    3.Side view of the top. (Afghani)
    4.Side view of the bottom. (Afghani)
    5.Birdseye view. (Skunk #1)
    6.Side view of the top. (Skunk #1)
    7.Side view of the bottom. (Skunk #1)

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  2. PICS!!!!!!!:smoking:

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  3. Subscribed~ I read through your other Thread and got an update. Lookin great!.. I have 1/2 of some Afghani...:smoking: Hope yours turns as good as this is.
  4. Thanks for stoping by SupersonicDonut!!!! Ill keep ya updated every 2-3 days, more if im super bored!
  5. I have my journal going on this bagseed i have.. Im terrible so far at growing.. but im a good smoker :D. Bought better stuff and now its just a waiting game..
  6. im wondering if i switch to a 400w HPS in right now would it hurt the plants?

    ive been working on a flowering room for a while now and i think its finaly ready

    im testing it now to see how temps hold up for 12 hours

    if all goes to plan ill be deleteing this thread and starting a new one again!
  7. ok so i decided to make the move to the 400W HPS in the flowering room! so once again this threads title is outdated there for wrong so im going to start up a new one!!!!!! ill post with the link later sorry!!!!!!!
  8. I think if you change the title of your 1st post it will change the title for the thread. Don't have to keep making new ones.

    To answer your question about the 400.... Nope, won't hurt them one bit. They'll love you for it. Just make sure you keep it about 12" or so away. Just do the hand test.

    By the way, they are looking really good. Rep ya when I can again.:hello:

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