200W 2x3 QB/Blurple Auto WW

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  1. Hey guys.

    I figured I'd start this in a seperate journal as this is my first ever attempt at an auto grow.

    --2x3 Growneer tent. (Can be downsized, cloning shelf etc but using all of it here)

    --1 HLG100
    --2 HiGrow UFO blurps (50Wx2)
    --1 budget 6" exhaust fan (Amazon)
    --Bionare oscillating fan, and clip-on
    --7 gallon Growneer non-woven bags
    --Seedsman auto White Widows
    --TPLink smart plug controlling exhaust

    My second White Widow just popped it's tongue this morning and was just planted.


    First was planted last night. 20190730_124941_HDR.jpg 20190730_124903_HDR.jpg 20190730_124936_HDR.jpg

    Will update as things progress. Hope you follow along.
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  2. Interesting light setup.... like it..
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  3. Thanks dude.
    I wish I had more to report on the babies but no show so far.
  4. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one. WW is next on my list
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  5. 1ocrfs.jpg


    That's one baby. The other will be up tomorrow most likely.
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  6. Oh I can't WAIT for this.....this is gonna be great!! :jump::smoking-bong:
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  7. Thanks for joining in! These are regular auto seeds, they were freebies, so I guess I'll just cull any male and replant or maybe just let a single one run. I may end up having a sausage party going on.
    So there may be some disappointment, there may be some tears haha!!
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  8. Ready to see what it do

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  9. Lotsa room, come on in!!

  10. I’m here morph. Right on time I see
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  11. Awesome this party just got good!
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  12. So the second one never popped up.....


    But the first one is doing alright. A little small but that seems to be a trend with White Widow for me, regardless the source. I find White Widow to be a bit of a slow starter if you go by height but it tends to be very compact with tight noding and tends to really stack well once triggered with fat nugs.


    Some Strong Stuff and White Widow cuts sub-letting in the tent for now. They had a rough rooting being so busy with work, and the soil I mixed for those beer cups seems a little 'hot', but they will pull thru after they get more roots going on.

    It gets real hot in there (32°C) if I run all 3 lights, so I am working on a solution right now, but the HLG100 is really more light than the little bugger needs so I'll just run it for now, up high, and skip on the blurples until it's better established.
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  13. Was a little slow rooting into this 7 gallon but now it's taking off, and just like every White Widow I've ever grown, very bushy. A little LST in a few days, and she'll be low and fat with hopefully 10-12 shoots or so.
    20190826_201217_HDR.jpg 20190826_201224_HDR.jpg

    6 nodes packed into that little bugger already.

    I've managed to sort the heat issue out for the most part. Staying around 24-26°C and about 45-60% ranges, even with all the lights going.
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  14. How do you like the blurples morph?
  15. They're doing their part I suppose. Awful warm for the light they put out though compared to the HLG100
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  16. I asked because my buddy just gave me 6 brand new in the box Bestva 1000s. I’ve read mixed reviews on them. Never used led lighting. But I seen you were so wanted a little info before I sell them, or use them if they’re worth it.
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  17. Where can I find a buddy like this?!?!?!:love-m3j:
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  18. I have vegged under them and they do alright, but I have never tried flowering under just them without other light in the room.
    When comparing purely qb or purely blurple veg, my qb vegged plants always seem bushier.

    I'd probably sell them, if it wasn't a slap in the face to my friend. Nice gift though haha! Damn
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  19. They’re around. Just far and few in between. Friendship isn’t what it use to be or should be in this day and age. Sadly.
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  20. Maybe I’ll run em in the 8x8 as an experiment and see what comes from it. If they’re not up to par I’ll give em back lol.

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