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2009 is the Year of Hemp Oil!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ThePhantom, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. #41 PastyWhitey, Jan 10, 2009
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    I don't think we ever found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, did we?

    How many soldiers have died since?

    BTW...isn't hemp oil like 95% THC typically?

    Are stoner's really suggesting that something that is 3x stronger than the highest recorded THC levels in bud couldn't do something insanely amazing?'

    Really? Isn't this what we have been wanting all along? We know marijuana is amazing and we know it does great things for many people, so why wouldn't something that is almost purely THC.

    Ask someone who rolls alot which is better, one X pill that weighs a gram, or a gram of molly?

  2. what're you tryna say?
  3. That our government clearly would let thousands of people die, just because they didn't want to feel like a jackass and admit they are wrong. But that delves from the point.
  4. I'm right down the middle after reading this thread. I believe mary jane is amazing and THC has many great properties and uses for healing many things. But all forms of cancer seems a bit much to wrap my head around. I would love to be wrong though. I hope it is legalized and am not going to be overly pessimistic about anything that could make that happen.
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    Seeing is believing my good man. All we're asking for is at least one reputable unbiased source. If this oil can so miraculously cure cancer as stated, there must be some documentation on it.

    95% isnt the highest recorded THC levels. Budder has been laboratory tested to be up to 97%+ pure thc, yet, there has been no correlation to it's cancer vanquishing ability

  6. yeah i searched google and didnt really see anything

    just some bullshit :eek:
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    Ok, so I did some research on my own about this whole thing. What I found was one source claiming to have captured on video the anti-cancer effect of THC. Here's the link: http://www.hongpong.com/node/1081

    Now I am skeptical, but, that is the nature of a scientist. Take a look at the research and come to your own conclusion. If this is the real deal, Mr. Simpson could be on to something big. Big Pharmo won't be happy, and will certainly try to replicate this process, however, synthetic versions of THC will never be as effective as naturally occurring THC. They can recreate the molecule, but the electron spin and distances cannot be recreated in a laboratory.

    Anyways, consider me less of a skeptic and at this juncture, unless someone else can shed some light on the subject.

    EDIT: I'm still not satisfied with the studies' result in correlation to the OP's statements. 100% cure rates for all types of cancers is still quite unbelievable. That said, the anti-cancer effect of THC is widely documented.
  8. At this point, it's worth it to just ask, Why the hell not?

    Why couldn't this be marijuana's shining light at the end of the tunnel to legalization? or atleast full medicinal decriminalization?

    Why can't insane concentrations of THC be this amazing? What if, Marijuana really is everything we all want it to be?

    The greatest product that grows in Earth/
  9. ^that would be a very great thing. is which way i need proof of this.
    i'm 100% behind this. whether or not it's true, what the hell.. might as well test it out anyway.
    if all else fails, maybe they'll end up discovering something else.. or at least realizing it's not the horrible thing that many want us to believe it is. :rolleyes:

    hell, i'll even be a test subject! ...well, if i ever get cancer.
    or now. ;)
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    I agree completely with the bolded statement especially. Natural THC is what needs to be used.

    Now, I will say this again, HEMP OIL IS FOR REAL. Rick Simpson has cured many hundreds of people with cancer. I talked to a doctor named Dr. William Eidelman,who supports hemp oil and interviewed a man named Shawn in this YouTube video: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2JyhO79po8"]YouTube - Shawn - Rick Simpson Hemp Oil - Testimonial[/ame] There are no clinical studies of hemp oil yet because it is illegal. However, there are lots of testimonies on PhoenixTears, and as I said, there are many studies showing THC kills cancer cells. Jack Herer supports this, there are news stories about it online, and there is tons of empirical proof. I don't know what more to say. This is 100% real, I put my life behind it, and I wouldn't be trying to cure someone with it myself if I wasn't sure it worked.
  11. Q: What is hemp oil?

    A: Hemp oil, or hemp seed oil, and cannabis flower essential oil are not synonymous. Hemp oil is legal in the United States and cannabis flower essential oil is not legal. Marijuana flavored lollipops and candies are not flavored with hemp oil, they are flavored with cannabis flower essential oil. Hemp oil is not used as a flavoring. Hemp seed oil is a vegetable oil that tastes much like safflower oil. Hemp oil is legal and is exempt from the definition of "marihuana" in the Controlled Substances Act 21 U.S.C. 802(16).

    That's from industrialhemp.net

  12. ahh shit sky dog got um
  13. why this thread is still alive?
    its not the year of hemp oil. Gov won't let that happen. They still want OIL and more OIL!

  14. Industrial hemp could be the future, step it up Barack.

  15. Haha..yes man the people who run the governments around the world WOULD definitely let people die because they feel like jackasses about something they were never educated on in the first place.

    They're fucking corrupt bastards, I don't doubt this guy one bit and I don't doubt the least that the government would continue to hide this because they realize they would look like complete fools (which they are) if they came out and admitted truths.:smoke:

  16. well you didnt fully answer .

    why would they prolong this knowing eventually we will find out

    and the longer they wait to worse ?

    just saying "cause they are jackasses" is no legit answer
  17. Just because marijuana has some cancer preventing properties, and oil is more concentrated, you can not put those together and say that it is a cure for terminal cancer. The only thing I've heard about it helping cancer patients is to ease the nasuea that is caused by chemotherapy. And saying that you've "talked to people" and that you "100% know" doesn't provide any proof to what you are saying. You can't just give a bong to a terminaly ill patient tell them to smoke and there cancer dissapears? This would be a much bigger issue. We don't want to just be told information and then said, you have to believe this. We need proof, evidence.
  18. Here's one thing I don't understand. In countries that have socialised health care where profits aren't an issue, why don't they use marijuana/hemp oil as a medicine?
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    The confusion of terminology stems from the fact that Rick Simpson calls the oil he makes "Hemp oil". A more fitting term, in my opinion, is cannabis oil because we aren't talking about hemp seed oil here.

    You have to wonder why the government restricts research on this subject. Do they fear the outcome might prove once and for all that marijuana is a very good medicine? We already know it has medicinal properties that are undeniable, yet the government still refuses to recognize cannabis as having any medicinal value.
    If we were allowed to study cannabis oil and it's benefits on cancer patients we would know without a doubt if it does or does not cure cancer.

    That's not in concentrated amounts. Those are the effects of smoking/vaping/eating it.

    Again, this isn't smoking we are talking about.

    Money and pride. They try desperately to demonize cannabis so no one will question their motives when saying that marijuana has no medical value. All the while they are loading their pockets with the money they make from the drug war.

    I have to believe that Rick Simpson has seen some miracles through the use of cannabis oil. He GIVES it away, he's put his neck on the line to provide this for patients at no cost. He was a cancer patient himself who was told there was nothing more they could do for him yet he's no longer suffering from cancer.

    My only wish is that he would have approached this from a more appropriate angle. As far as I know he has no documentation or medical proof that he has cured cancer. This makes people doubt his findings. But, again, I doubt he'd risk his freedom for nothin
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    This is a link to the Rick Simpson documentary in high quality, for those of you who have not seen it yet. Watch it. If you still don't believe that cannabis oil can cure some forms of cancer after watching this video, i really don't know what would make you believe it.


    This is a link to his site where you can find medical testimonials from people he has helped, along with various info etc.


    A very important thing to note about Mr. Simpsons treatments are that they rely heavily on rest and sleep. Relaxation is a very important part of healing the body. It is not ONLY the cannabis oil that magically makes the cancer dissapear.
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