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  1. I was doing some research today, cause honestely im sick of Bush and his disregard for people rights. Theres a good chance that Guliani will be runnning for president in 2008 because he just turned down the chance to run for governer and chose to skip the senate races to. Honsetly, he is a much better choice than president Bush...by far. But, as much as i like him, he doesnt seem to like the good ole "herb" to much. http://stopthedrugwar.org/chronicle/167/giuliani.shtml. Im not going to not vote for him because he doesnt have the same views on drugs as i do...Hilary Clinton is not a better chice whatsoever, neither is Coondeleeza Rice. Its going to be hard to find a US president that will dismiss marijuana as a safe recreational drug. I think the best we can do right now is vote for a president that is qualified to be a president instead of voting for someone just because they are running.
  2. As a canadian enjoying the grey area decrim, i honestly hope you americans get this thing sorted out.

    Wouldn't it be nice to drive to miami, buy a half key and cross the boarder without a worry in the world?

    Or for your americans to come enjoy some fine canuck weed.

    I'm in one those "if only..." moments. *sigh*
  3. America is too stubborn for that to ever happen.
  4. any body but bush is all i can say. fuck him hes a dumb ass in my opinion and many others.
  5. I could go on forever on this subject, but ill keep it short. I fucking hate bush, its time for americans to stand up against this moron. oh yes, also; american! Its time to end the prohabition, Denver did it. Now its time for the rest of the nation. Peace.

  6. man, decriminalizing herb is the least of our political-social problems. we get by. I'd be happy with someone who believes in innocence until proven guilty and have that guide his overall governing policy.

    The way i see it, its more likely for the government to legalize marijuana to pacify one of its most outspoken groups while cutting back liberties that really matter like free speech and travel, than because it believes its a stupid law. there be bad times on the horizon bros
  7. That may not last much longer the way Harper has been talking.

    But a lot of activists in Toronto seem to think that decriminalization is not what we're looking for. That wouldn't help organized crime problems or necessarily make a good situation for medicinal users. It seems like decriminalization would feel like a victory but in the long run it's not what we really want. We want marijuana to be legal and regulated. We don't want it illegal at all, which decriminalization still protects.

    I'm basically hoping the conservatives last for about 2 years and I'm hoping they don't do much damage. Then, with any luck, the liberals will get in with a strong minority(having suffered their punishment for recent scandals) with a strong NDP presence, and maybe a Green seat or two. Then we might have a chance at some real marijuana legislation.
  8. agreed
  9. Mark Warner is going to win it. Trust me on it.
  10. what border in miami? or am i just reading that sentence wrong?
  11. I understand and agree, i don't feel that the decrim is enough, but it was definatley a step in the right direction, one which eases my mind (i didn't really have much to worry about before). I fully understand the remaining implications of organized crime.

    In my a town i lived in, cops said it was hells angels single handedly supplying marijuana in the area. They were also responible for several gangland murders. I understand.

    Its not a confirming action to praise the decrim, because it IS a step in the right direction, if "baby steps" are requried, then so be it.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    As for politics... oh boy, here we go.

    The liberals were bullshit. They fucked up and got only a slight bit of what they deserve with the convervative minority. When you have a political system such as ours, where you have regular shifts in social policy, you will always continue to have such shifts. This mean that nothing remains constant, and the liberals have had their time, it's a social cycle with our morale and ethical compass as a culture. That is represented by the conservative minority.

    The conservatives, though i don't fully agree with their social policy, i can appreciate their strength and what they can offer our country.

    They will strengthen the economy, canada is doing even better ever since conservatives one. It's good for american business relations and the north american economy which canada plays a decent chunk of.

    Like them or hate them, we're going to be closer with american government, better relations will lead to great trade benfits (we'll see with the timber trade agreements). and they ARE the super power of the world currently. Unfortunatley, we have no longer maintained a neutrality, but we've neither provided severely strong support. We're playing the part that Canada has always played; Korea, Bosnia, Somalia, etc. This is nothing new. Weather we agree with their war or not, we wouldn't be Canada if we didn't respond with a 'Peacekeeping' force to assist in a situation [Afghanistan] that is unstable and civillians are in need, and with Shites and Sunnis are in conflict, and it's conflicts like that where canada has and is intervening.

    The reality is, the only kind of ideal government we'll ever have is an equal mix of the popular polar extremes: liberal and conservitives. Canadian political partys need to be overhauled. Their not effective for the times. The citizens has become slave to the system, as where the system should work for the citizen. it is a vital flaw in out culture and stife for democracy, because true democracy can never exists in such an unevenly structured society, where wealth (therefore power) is distributed only to so few, and only their interestests are the interested of the system as the citizens pays the bills.

    Haha, i understand if you don't agree, i have strong opinions. That's just my 2 cents.
  12. I was high when i wrote that.

    I meant me going down to miami from canada.

    Never done it. If i could without a worry, it'd be nice :D
  13. Fuck caring if our prez likes the herb or not.

    I just want one who isn't a lier, theif, and criminal.

    You know how recently, it came out that Bush was the one who leaked that CIA information? A while ago, on TV, he said he was going to hunt down and prosecute whoever was responsible for it. He outright lied! It was him the whole time! And no one in this dumbass country gives a shit anymore!! AHHH!!!

    Of course I'm not talking about GC members, just America at large. If it's not on American Idol no one seems to know or care. Admittedly, even I'm not in the loop on a lot of stuff, it seems that *someone* *somewhere* is doing an OK job of making sure we all care more about banning gay marraige than the fact that we're selling our national dept to China, who's now like a loan shark except with way more soldiers and a lot of bombs. Also no one seems to care that GWB said we'd catch the 9/11 mastermind Osama "dead or alive".

    GWB is such a fuckup that all the Republicans I know don't like him, and that takes a lot of fucking up.
  14. Actually, the fact that Bush has remained with his ass in tact this long proves he's not a total idiot, just corrupt, but every president has been since . . . well, washington. But I have to say that Bush has gained a great deal of negative appeal more to the presence of morons in popular culture saying "we hate bush" but not researching the issues that Bush stands behind.

    Yes, he stamps on the people's rights and has waged war in the name of justice (pfft) and has made moronic statements such as "they hate our freedom" which is extremely intelligent from a political standpoint as it remains overly ambiguous while rallying those who believe in the American ideals of freedom, regardless of whether or not they support Bush.

    I have to say though, that if I had to choose between him and his father, I'd choose jr. Bush sr. was just scary with the kind of things he implicated with his various speeches regarding the "New World Order." At least Bush Jr. seems like he's just more moronic than corrupt, but it's so close that that's almost pointless to say.

    ANYWHO, in regards to politics, I have to say that while we all sit here revelling in our own intelligence over the rest of the "ignorant" world, most of America will remain either apathetic, or simply uninformed in regards to the issue of the drug war.

    The politics involved in the drug war are based on two very different ideas. On the opposition to prohibition, you have people who are more rational, simply saying "even if drugs are bad, the problem isn't going to go away with our current policies, we need to change them to be less stringent so as to take back control over these controversial substances" on the other hand, you have people saying "no, our current policies are working, we simply need to eliminate the source of the problem, which is corruption of our youths." These arguments, are of course, the ideals of each side and there are many variations on both sides.

    Personally, I just want people to be rational. Yes, drug use is a problem, but it needs to be regulated more efficiently than simply sending people to jail,. Our current policies are hurting our economy, our people, and our nearly nonexistent international popularity.
  15. It makes me sad that people focus on Democrats and Republicans... there are plenty of great candidates that run, who aren't a part of these parties.... but because they aren't part of these two main parties... they aren't given the same consideration.

    Ralph Nader for example. (in the 2004 election)
  16. Yeh, other parties are usually put on the back burner in peoples' minds at best, if considered at all. It's because people are too apathetic to do their research. Or they're too closed minded. OR they truly believe in the party they subscribe to (they're the minority, believe it or not). For the most part, though, I have to say that it's because most people don't vote, don't care, or don't think.

    The smallest minority of people I've met who vote are people who vote for the party they're most opposed to because they believe they'll fuck up so much that they'll end up doing a few things:

    1) Fuck up so badly that the people will break out of their apathy.
    2) Fuck up so badly that they end up accidentally doing what the original voter wanted (highly unlikely imo).
    or the ever disturbing 3:

    3) Fuck up so badly they destroy all sense of order in the world and create chaos and anarchy.

    It's an anarchist theory that is common amongsts the insane, conspiracy theorists, and, of course, anarchists. I believe that there will always be the side of me that wants everything to just break down since the world seemed to be better off when man didn't have all these red tape fucked up rules and policies, politicians, religions, ethics, ideals, and individual rights etc. etc. etc. But at the same time I think that it avoids the issue of responsability we have as human beings. We all live in this world and everybody takes up different amounts of responsabilities for being in this world. But it is of my opinion that most people are too apathetic in regards to politics, which generally means they're not defending their rights, which is, in my opinion, a responsability that everybody should accept and just choke up and have a fucking informed opinion.

    But of course, the media makes this difficult as the overwhelming amount of various opinions, lies, and conflicts over various issues makes it hard for the common man to take the time to sit down and sift through all the bullshit and finally come up with his ONE opinion, which in his/her eyes, doesn't make a big enough difference in regards to the majority. But if everybody would just take that extra hour or two of the day to sit down and figure out what their own opinon is regarding various topics of various concern, they would find that not only could they make a difference, but even if they were in opposition to the rest of the world in regards to a few issues, they would find themselves happier as they would feel more aware of their sense of individuality in regards to much more pressing issues than simply what they like to wear, who their favorite celebrity is, etc. etc. etc.

    It becomes very difficult to ascertain how people would become motivated however. The creation of difficulties and injustices within the government is definately one way of doing such a thing. I'd have to say I personally would like to avoid such a drastic measure however.
  17. 3rd party voter here.
  18. do it man its nice down there. i'll meet up with ya in cocoa and we can spend some time there and yoru guys and mine can go chill on south beach for a few days and maybe go to the keys
  19. It all comes down to MONEY. The Republicans have the most money, so they buy the most support with bullshit ad campaigns and appearances. I hope the Dems get the Senate.
  20. I love how nobody gave a shit about my speech on Canada.

    I guess that's how it goes, in the real world.

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