2008 Election in $$$

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  1. Is there a pattern?

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    Do you have the link to this info? edit: lol, nvm

    Lol @ Lockheed Martin's 25k... I'm sure they agreed with his policy and weren't saving face or anything.

    Also, everyone agrees there was probably a lot more off the books than on... right?
  3. why do some companies contribute money to different campaigns?

    like Google and Microsoft both contributed to Dr Paul and Pres Obama's campaigns?
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    1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. are predetermined, maybe. Exposure is engineered.

    Check out Goldman Sachs... why would they fund McCain if they already put so much into Obama. Hmm..
  5. To hedge their bets...win win for them, no matter who wins they're owed.

    BTW, how the HELL does the DoD, AF, Army, Navy have money to CONTRIBUTE to a campaign? WTF?!? That's just WRONG. Whom do I see to complain?
  6. holy shit, i mean real United States foundations are contributing to Paul, just international banking cartels which fund the Republican / Democrat ticket.

  7. It's not the Army itself contributing. It was people from the Army, people from the Navy, etc. making private contibutions!
  8. Corporatism. That's why Ron Paul had no chance of winning. He's an enemy to the Government and corporations.
  9. Talk about a system that needs reforming...
  10. There are a few patterns, one is Obama making a lot more money than his opponents. Another is McCain's donations are primarily banking institutions, and Ron Paul's are not.

    There should definitely be more caps on campaign contributions, and/or restrictions on who can give.
  11. You mean McCain's top contributors are primarily banking institutions. Seeing as the lowest contribution on Obama's list is only slightly less than McCain's highest, I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't a whole slew of banking institutions that contributed to Obama's campaign but simply didn't make the cut for this list.
  12. Yes, I do. I believe I already stated that.
  13. Hey i think i'm catching a trend here.

    1.Find something to demonize obama

    Oh and where is acorn and that ayers guy on obama's list? and Bin Laden, where is bin laden?

  14. I don't know if you can see this through those glasses, but Obama's donations were from primarily international banking institutions as well.

    $750k just from Goldman Sachs, wow. What a surprise that they are his top contributor!
  15. OMG, Ron Paul's top contributors were the Armed Forces and Google! I hope he never gets elected or we'll end up giving kick backs to the Military and Google will have a controlling share in US politics! lol.
  16. Not according to your chart. He received almost twice as much money from the companies not in red boxes, as he did from the ones that are.

  17. 6/20 were international banks
    5/20 were law firms

    The majority goes to the banks, therefore "primarily".

    Not a big deal, but it looks like your trying to deny the fact that Obama is a bankster shill.
  18. 14/20 of Obamas top contributors were not international banks, and contributed almost twice as much as the international banks combined.
    11/20 of McCains top contributors were international banks therefore "primarily" You see Obama as the problem, and i see him as better then McCain.

    I'm not trying to debunk the government being in bed with politics, but your statistics are like loose women. You see what you want to.

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