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  1. Is gon be my god damn year.

    I said it on new years eve. I said im gettin my shit together.

    And jus seven days later seein a difference.

    Gettin my shit situated for school, My adult ed bein fuckin dumb and wont let me take the prep course there. So i got a number to a place i can do it for free so i gotta check it out.

    Gotta GED book to check out.

    Worse i study the book and take the test.

    Get a job in the meanwhile.

    Baby mama doin good, My daughter doin good.

    And ive been makin fuckin bank. Ive been like swimmin in herb. And makin mad bank.

    Im savin money up for my license and for GED shit. Savin up money for clean piss. And spoliin my daughter.

    Tryin to get money up for rent money in a decent city and put like half a years rent or so away in the bank so i got half a year to get more money up and so i dont got to worry bout bills.

    Gettin my mind right, Gettin my grind right.
  2. thats good to hear man, good luck bro keep it up and keep smokin
  3. Yea man..thats fucking awesome. Everything sounds great and like you have it all going on man best wishes go out to you and your family.
  4. I think it's gonna be a great year too.... three zombie movies, i mean how can it NOT be a good year?

    Happy 1984 everybody!

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