2007 Mazdaspeed 3 or...?

Discussion in 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles' started by Smokin purp, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Aren't miatas 2-seater as well? I'm guessing you got a wife and kid to haul around?
  2. Does anyone know the reliability of a MS3 over 100k miles?
  3. Mazda reliability? Hahhahahahahaha!
  4. Ha, i googled it but i couldn't find a lot of information on the mazdaspeed 3.
  5. Mazda is a terrible brand.

    But OP, save some money if you want fun and reliable.

    Used TSX isn't bad, they're not slow, it's Honda reliability, and seats 4.

    And corvettes only offer displacement, huge POS other than power.
  6. Mazda is a very reliable brand....

    but anyways this is easy, GTI:)
  7. Mazda RX-7 FD

  8. Yes, but they're way cheaper. That would be my weekend toy. If I bought a Vette, I'd be forced to sell my DD. Nah, not married I just need back seats for the bitches lol.
  9. umm hello bmw m3??

  10. You could probably get a used 04-05 WRX STi for under 14k.
  11. MICHELLIN tires can be great it all depends on the model or tire ur buying
  12. Or an EVO 8. :devious:

  13. More like how much $ you spend...

  14. or a wrx sti :cool:
  15. Michelin are ok for daily, try gripping on a curve, they slip.

    My next tire will be advans.
  16. Id get a Honda. Or a new car that is in the 14k range. That would be most reliable option IMO

  17. Try Hankook V12 Ventus evo. Best bang for the buck in my opinion. This is from personal experience.

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