2007 Mazdaspeed 3 or...?

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  1. I'm currently looking for a car in my budget of $10-14 grand. I would like a faster car but something newer (year 2000+) I just wanted to post to see if anyone had any suggestions. I want a reliable car because i will be driving 60 miles 2 days a week for college, but I also want to have fun driving it. I would like a car above 200hp. I've researched cars in my price range a lot but i would like some other input to see if i have missed anything. I think i might go with the MS3. (don't say anything about insurance for a sporty car, i already checked and its not that bad of price). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  2. I have a 2004 mazda3 and its reliable with no major issues yet and good gas mileage, however that is all I can say about it. Not very smooth a ride and cramped, could just be me though. And if your in Minnesota I wouldn't imagine it a good car to be driving in snow/icy conditions.
  3. I guess Mazda is about as good as you're gonna get for that price.

    You could go Honda but it won't have power.
  4. Well, the mazda speed 3 is fwd, (which is the same as the car i drive now) so i wouldn't think it would be any harder to drive in the snow than my current car (with snow tires of course). and yeah i already looked on the MS3 reliability and its good but then again there is only 5,000 or something like that in the US. I'm just looking at my other options for a car because it will be a lot of money to me. i was also looking at the volvo s60, and others but i'm just having a hard time trying to decide which car, i'd like to explore my options ya know?
  5. What I did was test drive at about 15-20 dealers before choosing civic, they are hard to beat for the money, not to mention 6 speed manual, but again it lacks torque if that's what you're looking for.

    Very very fun for twisty roads, buy good tires tho, Honda gies you michelins (horrible tires) I got Yokohama s drives which were great but low treadlife.
  6. Well, the funny thing is i don't know how to drive Manuel (only drove one for like 5 minutes) so i need to learn but that shouldn't be too much of a problem (no one i know drives a Manuel so yeah lol. i know Honda is great (my sister and brother both owned one and had no problems at all, but they lack the hp that i'm looking for, except the SI i just don't like how its bland aesthetically, not that the MS3 isn't but i love the interior of the MS3, except the seats look uncomfortable but the dash and everything else i like.
  7. For that price you could look past civics and get an s2000. It'll be about 10000x funner to drive then any FWD car, plus it'll look better too. The F20 is a great powerplant as well.
  8. S2000 is an awesome car, horrible for living tho, cramped feeling (I'm 5-10 160 lbs).

    Well the new Si's are fairly ugly, I have 8th gen 2007.

    Scion tc? Jk!!! I wouldnt recommend that car to my enemies.
  9. Actually the Scion Tc is reliable as hell. Toyota Camry 2.4L engine and theres almost zero problems.

    Not the best if you're looking for anything fast though, so yea, doesn't fit your criteria.

    Acura TSX comes to mind, or an older V6 TL. Lexus IS300's are nice, so are some Subaru's.
  10. I just looked up the TSX, the interior is nice as hell, but according to 0-60 times its kinda slow 7.3 seconds or so. but i will keep that in mind because it is a nice car, it is expensive to fix isn't it? i would assume so because its an acura but idk. Also looked at the TL but the reliability is a bit sketchy (edmonds, 2004). That lexus MR they look nice, they expensive to repair as well? I'll be a little strapped for money since i will be attending college so i don't want anything that will cost a lot, like a bmw or something like that.
  11. You could buy an old beetle and throw a 300hp built engine in it and do fuckin wheelies and blow the doors off anything else on the street. You can get the car for 2000 and a monster engine with the rest.
  12. If you're worried about gas mileage, do not get the mazdaspeed 3. Other than that, the mazda is a great car. I've driven both a 2008 mazdaspeed 3 and now I drive a 2007 Honda civic si.
  13. Get the Mazda they are fun to drive
  14. infiniti g35?
  15. the MS3 isnt that bad for mpg (better than my current car) i mean 18/26 isn't that bad, but its not great.
  16. I drive a 2010 Mazda 3, 2.0 (only has 148hp). I love the little car, but I have one major complaint (with both mine and ESPECIALLY the MS3).

    I wouldn't suggest it, honestly. It's a great car, but HOLY TORQUE-STEER BATMAN! A FWD car is not meant to have more than 250hp. I've driven an MS3 and when you push the pedal anywhere near the bottom of the footwell, you better have an iron grip on the wheel. It's entertaining at first, but you get tired of having to fight the car every time you want to accelerate.

    For $10-14k, I'd go for an 05-06 BMW 330i/330Ci. 240-260hp, rear wheel drive. Not as good about reliability as the Mazda, but as long as you keep up to date with maintenance you'll be fine. And if you go with a manual it'll save you a lot of money in the long run.

  17. Impreza WRX?

    Or a C5 Vette possibly.

  18. Oh shit, a c5 vette would blow most cars away. Get a 2001 and up, as they more power than the 99-00 models. I used to drive a C5 vette, and I'll never forget it!
  19. Well you could get a F150 if you wanna be snow efficient but... A vette would be cooler.
  20. I want one so bad dude. Only thing that's stopping me is the fact that it's a 2 seater.

    I might just get an NA Miata shell and swap an LSx in there haha.

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