2006 First Outdoor, New England Grow

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  1. Well I'm starting a little late because I've been busy lately. At the moment I have 17 two-week-old bag-seed plants in the ground at the plot. I bought some New Purple Power seeds from Nirvana Seeds Standard and have germinated them using the paper towel method. I achieved 100% germination with these seeds in contrast to the freebie seeds germination rate of 30%. One of the NPP seedlings is an oddity, sporting three cotyledon rather than the normal two. These 13 seeds are currently in party cups under 40watts of fluorescents until they start developing the second set of leaves, then I will plant them at the plot with the others.
    My Hawaiian step-father is instructing me on how to do the grow. His methods are a little odd. I question some of these instructions, but I've got to take it with a grain of salt. I feel I know nothing on the subject, despite the fact that I've read tons of threads and numerous books/grow guides. Experience is the reason I feel that I know nothing, because I have none. My step dad has many years of grows under his belt, in many different climates. He has grown successfully in the following places: Arizona, Hawaaii, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Massachusetts. He grew up in Hawaii and has smoked since 14, I started around the same time. He's a really cool guy and we have a special herbal relationship. We share buds and have smoke sessions weekly.
    My camera I will be using will not be around until Saturday or Sunday, so I'll have to hold off on any outdoor pictures until then. I was going to put up a few cell phone pictures of the seedlings that are inside but the quality is so bad that I decided not to. I’ll update either Saturday or Sunday so sit tight and stay safe.
  2. haha pretty chill with a hawaian step dad. Im from new england as well, good luck with your grow, ill check this thread out once in a while.
  3. It seems that the NPP seedling that grew 3 cotyledons also grew 3 leaves for its first true set, if this plant turns out to be a female it will be sooo bushy.
    Real update coming Saturday or Sunday with pics. Also, anyone know of a good and free photo shrinking program? The camera I have is a 6 megapixel and the file sizes are just too large to post in bulk.
  4. Alright im the most pissed off i've ever been before right now. I went out to eat with my family for mothers day, but my older brother stayed home. I came home and went to check my 11 seedlings and saw nothing but open space and a fucking post it note written by my older brother. He fucking killed them all for no reason at all, I have never instigated any problems he always has. Since my dad doesn't care that I grow and he's actually helping me my brother thought he should take charge. I fucked up his room and im gonna fuck up his face.. probably break his jaw
    ... this thread will still be around for my bagseed plants if any survive this week long flood..
  5. ^^ was wondering how on earth u were growing in new england right now... have u seen outside?? lol
  6. wass up NEBud. Happy to see people from home on here.. Boston in tha house.. ne wayz N.E. is crazy right now man keep your grow indoors this flood killed most of the small plants outside. its fuked up what your bro did man hit him 4 me 2.
  7. Well guys, that flood killed about 13 of my bagseed plants :( . It was natural selection, since the 5 plants that are left are my best looking and most vigorous :). I'm not going to do an outdoor grow with only 5 bagseed plants, that I have no knowledge of their genetics. I'm waiting for my order from Gypsy to arrive, I've got some AK-48 from NRS and Speed Queen from Mandala on the way. I chose these strains for two reasons, fast flowering time and high potency. The soil I'm using in the 3'3'3 circular holes I dug for each plant is top quality, straight from our huge stinky compost pile :). I tested the ph before I slopped it into the holes and it was at 6.7. The soil is very dark in color and when you squeeze it, it forms a fragile ball. I'm really sorry for the current lack of pictures, but I'll try to get a few pics of my 5 outdoor babies once the soil drys a bit and they perk up. Here's something to look at, a few pictures of my bubbler loaded and ready for action.


  8. So, I'm a little late to start posting pics of my grow, but I finally have my camera working. I snapped a few shots today despite the cloudy weather. In total 10 plants growing, 7 Mandala Speed Queens and 3 bagseed varieties. One interesting pheno of the Speed Queen I've been lucky enough to get was the pink pistil pheno mmmmm mmm.(Keep in mind this is almost 3 weeks into flowering) [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Most of the plants have just started flowering but two of the Speed Queens are already ahead of the pack, a white haired plant and the pink haired one.

    I am using lst on these plants and will continue to do so until harvest. Currently I feed twice a week with a Tiger Bloom, Sweet, bat guano mixture and the plants love it.
    two topped sativa ladies just starting to flower
    lst in action

    I'll update with more pictures every week from now on.
  9. I am in New England also.
    your plants look real nice.
  10. nice plants man! i like the pink , did u check out my pink one :O pinkystinky!:hello:

    awesome plants man keep it up:smoking:
  11. wow man that looks great!!

    i hope my plants look like those someday...
  12. loving the pink hair on your plant. looks soo DELISH!! NOM NOM NOM mmmmm =D


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