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2004 presidential elections

Discussion in 'General' started by ResinBall, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. Hi all You guys and galls out on the net. I was Just wondering what everyone thought about the 2004 election. Its my personal opinion that Bush is a oil hunter that is only interested in his dady's golding hunting ways, and kerry is just to stupid to consider. And how come NONE of the news stations ,except for the Daily show, have mentioned Ralph Nader www.votenader.com or the Green Partys David Cobb www.gp.org both of them are also running for president and neither of them are backed by multi million dollor corporations. Also, Ralph Nader and the green party has spoken out AGAINST against the Drug war.
  2. I like Nader's ideals as well as the ideals of the Green Party, but this election is likely to be just as close as it was in 2000. Now, like Kerry or not, but he's the ONLY guy that can unseat Bush. The result is going to either be Kerry or Bush, and I like Kerry a thousand times better than I like a man who makes enemies around the world and pushes the US closer and closer to the draft.

    In a perfect world, I'd agree with you. But not this fucking election. Not until Bush is back in Texas and out of the goddamn White House.
  3. Well I would love for Nader to win the election (he rocks), however I know that will never happen.

    Personally I will vote for Bush. I might not like him but he isn't a spineless coward like Kerry. And just to throw something out there, Kerry voted FOR the war, not against.
  4. Well I hate to point out the ovious but out of the 3 people who have commented on this thread 3 of us said that We wanted nader in the white house and 2 of us said they would be voting for bush or kerry because nader wouldnt win , but if all three of us voted for who we wanted nader would get 100 percent of the votes.

  5. Now that you've convinced 3 people, it's time to work on the rest of the US...
  6. Instead of needing to be convinced why dont you get off your bum and do some research and vote for who you think is best. The fact that you think you need to be convince means you want someone else to deside what you want to think, think for yourself man dont let them tell you what you want to hear just so they "convince you"

  7. I don't need you to convince ME to do anything...
    I doubt you could if you tried...

    The reality is people NEED to be convinced...
    If I weren't convinced that the person I would vote for would lead the country well, why the Hell would I vote for him???

    I do my own research AND think for myself...

    You're obviously convinced that Nader will do a good job...
    Does that mean you didn't make that dicision by yourself???
  8. First off , I never tried to "convince you of anything". Infact I told you to "convince YOURSELF" by doing research and finding out who YOU like.

    And yes I do like Ralph Nader , I like what he is trying to do. And I have concluded this FOR MYSELF bye watching debates reading over THERE website(not just ralph naders but all FOUR of the presidential candidates)

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