2004 Ohio Presidentail records destroyed???!

Discussion in 'General' started by GotoAKellerShow, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. I remember this shit so clearly. I was there for every second of the 04 election, cuz I knew my state would be the decider..and when it said Bush, I almost cried..I knew it couldnt be true but shit I gotta deal with it..aint shit I can do.
  2. If everyone would decide that they could do something, we could change the world. People have no confidence in the human mind. The human mind is endless. We don't have to deal with anything and there is something we can ALL do.
  3. Agreed Auto^..we all have the same potenial but lack confidence and initiative..just look at how weed is still illegal..fucked up shit..its like the majority is stuck and hooked at their own pace of extreme consuming living and is afraid or just doesnt want to change. I REFUSE TO CHANGE IMA COWBOY BAAABAAAY

    dont get me wrong i love this country, prolly more then ALL politicians.. I just feel alittle guitly about all the fun im having here...sometimes
  4. Regardless of what happened, it's the 2008 electon that we need to concern ourselves with right now.

    Tell a friend.
  5. This isn't a plug for Ron Paul. Don't look up Ron Paul, he is not who you want for president.

    He didn't vote no to the patriot act.
    He didn't vote no to the war.
    He doesn't want to end the drug war.
    He isn't the best candidate running for president in many many elections!

    Don't vote for Ron Paul.

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