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2004 Election

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Grimlin, Jan 16, 2004.


Which Democrat Would You Vote For?

  1. Ambassador Carol Moseley-Braun

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  2. General Wesley Clark

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  3. Governor Howard Dean

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  4. Senator John Edwards

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  5. Congressman Dick Gephardt

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  6. Senator John Kerry

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  7. Congressman Dennis Kucinich

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  8. Senator Joe Lieberman

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  9. Reverand Al Sharpton

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  1. Which Democrat Would You Vote For?

    just wanted to see Which Democrat you would vote for if you vote i would vote for Senator Joe Lieberman but its not like it will help BUT GOD NOT BUSH FOR 4 MORE YEARS!
  2. I voted for Congressman Dennis Kucinich. I\'ve been impressed with his positive atitude about marijuana.
  3. I\'m not american, nor an American citizen, so i don\'t get to vote for the real thing, so i hope you don\'t mind me voting here. I think its only fair, that Israelis and British certainly, should be able to have SOME say over who becomes president, and really, idealistically, anyone who experiences (suffers- yes, especially suffers) the effects of the decisions made by the American Government should be able to have some say which politicians are to be having an effect on your lives. (this works for any nation\'s gov really, but most prominent with America since the spread it\'s influence is most notable)

    so with that ramblings said...

    I\'d vote for KUCINICH. absolutley possitively. (and just cos he\'s the only other one with a modecome of centralist logic and liberalism/liberty, Sharpton wouldnt be a wasted vote either.)

    i doubt he\'ll really get into power, but as long as you show some support for him in the primerys (getting my election jargon right i hope) then since he has been waving the civil rights and drug law reform, that should alert whoever really does get into power, that its more of a vote winner than was first thought. but when it comes down to it, what you really need is anyone who will be able to knock Bushwank outta power, and not someone else who will also be obligated to act in the interests of the PNAC.
  4. I\'d really like Kucinich to be in office, but besides voting for him the primaries, there\'s no way in hell he\'ll win the nomination. But no matter who wins, I will vote for ANYBODY running against Bush. I mean anybody.

  5. I am for Dean. I think he he is the most reasonable of the candidates that can beat Bush.

    Kucinich can\'t beat Bush in a presidential election, there is no way.

    Remember last election? I bet many of you voted for Nader. Well, a vote for nader was a vote for Bush... Shame in your idealism.

    We need Bush out. That should be the priority.
  6. 1) DK. (Dead Kennedys rule :D)

    2) Rev. Al (even though I depise religion)

    3) Kerry (he is a Skull and Bones member, too :()

    4) Edwards

    5) Dean (his dad was the co-founder of Dean-Whitter. $$$$)

    Unfortunately, neither DK, or Sharpton have any real chance to win. :(
  7. I\'m going to vote for Clark, because I think he has maybe the best chance of winninng overall. Plus, I like his stand on most issues.

    4-star general vs. AWOL national guardsman

  8. Don\'t vote for the person who has the best chance. That is the weakest reasoning i ever heard of. If you want your voice to be heard vote for the person that identifies with your political stances and the one you believe will do the best job. Is that hard to stand up for yourself.
  9. no vote for the one with the best chance of wining if you split the votes bush stays but keep in mind this is the u.s. the one with the most votes is not the one that allways wins

  10. I think I\'d even vote for a fire hydrant before I vote for Bush.
  11. New York Mayor Bloomberg!!!
  12. I\'m not impressed with any of them.....but I know we can not have Bush in there another 4 years....

  13. Exactly how I feel...
    But the way it\'s looking right now, seems like we\'ll be in Hell a bit longer...
  14. my god, don\'t even say that

    I would vote Clark, but seriously.... ANYBODY BUT BUSH! (i usually wouldn\'t say that, but man, fu*k this guy!)
  15. Clark dropped out.

    I\'d rather have Bush than Clark. That dude just scares me. He\'s a fucking alien. Kerry looks strange, as well. The new candidates, I tell you, THEY\'RE POD PEOPLE!!!


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