2003 Eclipse Making Clicking Noise

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    hopefully someone has some ideas.
    basically, i have a 2003 eclipse spyder gts...6cyl, 5sp trans. 165k miles. about a week ago i noticed every time i accelerated, i hear a clicking noise.  not a clunk or knock, click...like the sound a playing card makes when stuck in between the spokes of a bicycle wheel.  it is there when idling, but gets much more noticeable upon acceleration.  
    any ideas?  its definitely coming from the front end lol
    can it come from one of the belts?  because it sounds like it is coming from this general area, and there is a belt down in there.

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    Try and narrow down where it's coming from.

    Use a long screwdriver and place it on various parts while the engine is running, then put your ear to it.

    Listen to the heads, block, and exhaust, intake, and anything else.

    Exhaust leaks can cause clicking under acceleration. When you go WOT, what happens? How about normal acceleration?

    My car's valvetrain is noisy and clicks a bit, but it's normal for my engine and yours didn't do it before so I'd assume it's not normal.

    Is your check engine light on? If it is take it to auto zone and have them scan the codes for free.

    Also, it may be ignition related. My car did the same thing (clicking noise, quiet but definitely there) for over a year. Even with new spark plugs and wires, it still did it. Little did I know, a coil pack was going bad.
    Toward the end of its life it made the car shudder and shake under acceleration, and the check engine light went on.

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  3. I should mentuon I'm not too learned in auto mechanics.  When you say WOT, you mean...?  
    I will go do that with the scredriver now, I'm also going to take a quick video with my phone to see if it captures the noise.  The car doesnt shake, shudder, knock, or anything....just the click, and it's beent hat way for maybe 10 days.  it sure didnt do it before lol.  I'll be back in a few with the vid.
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    video uploading, should be done within a few mins.  the engine light isnt on, nah. i havent noticed any leaks.
    well its only 8% done uploading right now, so i guess more than a few mins. dumb considering the vid is less than 2 mins long lol but PLEASE check back tonight i will have posted it.  
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    WOT- wide open throttle, aka floor that shit

    Does it do it when the engine is warm and cold?

    Also, stick your head under the car if you can, does it sound like it's coming from the bottom or top?

    Edit: if you can't figure it out, fill up with the highest octane gas you can get at a local gas station. Sometimes shitty gas can cause some noises.

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  7. It says that video is private.

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    damn 2 secs
    aight its cool now lol
  9. Damn that sounds really bad. It might be a rod bearing. Look up some videos of rod bearing failure, it makes a certain sound when you let off the gas.

    Rev up the engine from the bay (in my car there's a few metal cords that go into the throttle body, you can pull those gently and engine will rev) and if it makes the same sound as the videos, you have a big problem.

    Take it to a mechanic you trust, and see what they say. I'm just guessing from the video, it could sound completely different in real life.

    If it is a spun rod bearing, you can either rebuild your engine for a lot of money, get a new engine, or get a new car.

    Regardless, if that video I'd what it sounds like irl then it definitely doesn't sound good so try not to drive it, except to the mechanic lol.

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    damn dont say that lol, any possibility it is a lifter tick/valve tick?  rod bearing failure seems a bit faster
  11. It could be, if it's the lifters then it can be fixed without a problem.

    I really can't say what it is just from that video, a mechanic can tell you foe sure what it is though.

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  12. yeah i know its hard to tell from a video, i just aint got no kinda cash to be goin to a mechanic you know lol just had to replace the motor mounts in the pacifica and replace the damn radiator.  on top of that our insurance lapsed for a car that aint paid off yet (pacifica) and thats the only car to get the 4 kids to school/daycare an hour away.  on top of that we are late on the actual car payment.  on top of that we are out of food and out of food stamps. on top of that we are out of gas. on top of that i owe tons of probation fees.  on top of that i owe tons of fines.  on top of that i owe 500 bucks to an apartment complex i never lived in.  on top of that electric bill aint been paid. on top of that internet bill ait been paid and i got 2 online classes. on fucking top of that i aint got a book for one of my online classes.
    got damn this thread wasnt supposed to be about my financial situation but oh well lol i'm just drunk and pissed dude i really hope it isnt the bearings fuck.  
  13. Damn man that's rough but you'll get through it.

    Hopefully it isn't a bearing, do you know any friends or family who know enough about cars to help you out?

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  14. Does your car have a timing belt or a timing chain? If it has a belt what's the recommended interval for changing it? On my Honda it's 60,000 miles....hard to say...I'd suggest going to a site for your brand of car, might get a quick answer...
  15. shit dude i dont know that, i'm sure it does have a timing belt.  i bought it at 127k miles and it now has 165k never changed the belt. i did just post the same question at club3gforum like 2 seconds ago lol
  16. in my current area unfortunately no, i sent the vid to a few of my mechanic buds in another state but one said he needs to hear it in person and that it could be either the bearing or valve tick, he needs to hear in person.  one didnt answer, one said call himwhich i'm nout to do once my phone charges up lol
  17. Sounds like some lower end knock man; could be a spun bearing or a knocking rod judging by the fact it increases with rpms. Take your serpentine off and run it, see if it's belt related noise. I'd start saving for a used engine though if I were you, that's a pretty nasty sound.

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