Discussion in 'General' started by overgrowray, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. Ok so whats the best thing that happened for you in 2002, what will make you remember the year forever?

    I hooked up with the love of my life in 2002 (may 10th around 9-10pm), so if that last i'll always remember 2002. Other than that maybe my birthday party because that was one kickass day... ummm.
  2. in relating to grasscity, i asked the forum if i should blow up fireworks in my hand, and got mixed responces. i ended up doing it and it was spectacular. a step for science in 2002!
  3. lmao@'97!

    Damn ray you even knew the time?

    2002 sorta sucked for me, I hope 2003 is much better.
  4. I agree 100%
  5. yup, it ment a lot to me, and i'm not going to get myself in trouble by forgeting because i think my girl remembers the date and rough time too. It was at a school dance so its not all that hard to forget.

    2002 was a shady year, but i did find this site then, and became a mod and i'm proud of that, this gives me something to do because i live out in the middle of nowhere and its really boring.
  6. The best thing that happened to me is that I didn't die. I almost did but the powers that be decided that the world just couldn't lose another fruitcake! LOL:)

    That's why I want to really live life the way I want to and strive for nothing but happiness for me and the ones I dig so much! If you have dreams, go after them, you never know when the day will come that you can't!

    The coolest thing here at the City is that I think we have become an even tighter stoner family and that makes me really happy!

    Stoned and Happy! Life kicks ass!
  7. yes i do see this as a family, the city is my second home... fuck it i don't like my real home so this is my first home.. yes, ooh yes, so my real home is my home away from home... ummm

    And i'm very happy you didn't die, and i guess i'm happy i didn't die then i wouldn't be with my girlie or here right now at the city. Much luck with being happy, thats the only real point in life, my only goal, happiness.

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