2002 Mercedes-Benz SLK32 AMG Convertible

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    The cars never been in any serious or non serious accidents. Its got 82k miles on it.

    Power Steering, 4-Wheel Disc Brakes, 4-Wheel ABS, Brake Assist, Convertible Hardtop, Rear Spoiler, Fog Lamps, Heated Mirrors, Power Driver Mirror, Power Passenger Mirror, Heated Exterior Driver Mirror, Heated Exterior Passenger Mirror, Power Driver Seat, Power Passenger Seat, Leather Seats, Bucket Seats, Heated Driver Seat, Heated Passenger Seat, Front Floor Mats, Rear Floor Mats, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Woodgrain Interior Trim, Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Cruise Control, Keyless Entry, Universal Garage Door Opener, Alarm, Dual Zone A/C, Rear Defrost, AM/FM Stereo, Cassette, Premium Sound System, Driver Vanity Mirror, Passenger Vanity Mirror, Passenger Air Bag On/Off Switch

    Sticker price: 14,000

    Need some opinions on price, should I try to haggle down to 13.5 or even 13k?
    How long would this car run for given it already has 82k miles? It's in mint condition and has been treated well over the years. Id like to get at least 120k miles out of it in addition to the already 82k on it if possible.
  2. As someone who has only read about these cars and dreamed about them:
    you got the cash, snatch this shit up.
    With proper maintence, your Benz can run over 300k miles, if you maintain it well.
    Imo, its sad that pretty much no Mercedes' come manual transmission, but hey, if I had this car, I wouldn't really complain.
    I don't think you really need to haggle, 14,000 for a 50,000+ 8 year old car thats in mint condition sounds pretty fair to me.
    Have fun man!
    Blaze one with the top down going over a hundred for me man!
  3. Other opinions?
  4. Benz's went downhill after the 80's in terms of quality.

    Get an Infiniti G37 convertible... its faster, better built, cheaper, and in my opinion classier.
  5. Oh boy, they just lowered the price down to 11k. I'm probably picking up this car within the next week, considering multiple people have told me a benz can last up to 300k miles.
  6. ya sounds like a steal man, friend just bought an 04 chevy silverado z78 and he paid 15,000 and i would rather much have this car
  7. ALWAYS haggle. Dont pay the sticker price unless youre at carmax man
  8. Take a lot at the service history very closely. It looks a bargain(and may just well be) but when these cars start itching towards that kind of mileage, shit starts to fail. EXPENSIVE shit.
  9. Uh, just exactly how old is the G37 convertible model? Somehow I seriously doubt you're gonna find one for $14K.

    As far as the Benz, I've maintained cars well over 100K miles (actually over 200K) with standard maintenance that were not Japanese or German, so don't think you have to rely on brand name solely. Getting a car to 150K isn't as hard as most people think. Just keep up with a common sense maintenance schedule (i.e. not necessarily one that the manufacturer wants you to do), and stick to it. Cars tend to die early due to neglect, which is unrelated to brand.

    The main issue you're going to have with buying a car like this is the cost of maintenance. Unless you've got the skills and any "certified" specialty tools you're likely going to need, I would consult your local service shop to get an idea of just how much this thing is going to cost you to maintain.

    Sweet ride tho. I personally wouldn't own one, but I try and maintain all my own shit, so I gotta know how to work on them. Don't have the patience for "certified technicians only" bullshit, which seems to come with certain brands.
  10. ok thats an amg with a 3.2l v6 and supercharger. I know around 45k miles those cars run into problems with there IC pump and i believe the pulley needs to be replaced at around 100k miles. Benz's are great cars, granted the year that car was built, was one of several where chrysler had overseen Mercedes, so alot of the quality went downhill. however its still a benz, thats fast and in general reliable. the problem with these cars is that parts are very expensive and maintenance in general will run u quite a bit, but considering ur picking up a car that was once 55k dollars, i say u got a good deal.

    Post up some more pics after u get it
  11. Yes on many of the early 2000 model cars for Mercedes have IC pump issues, where they cut off prematurly, due to heating issues. But its a really easy fix, if you are a decent DIY'er, all you need to do is replace the stock intercooler pump with....a boat pump! it works wonders, and you will no longer lose boost due to heating issues.

    After that you might as well shave off the throttle body a few mms, its also a realitivly simple DIY and can give you a solid 8 or so HP increase.

    I dont remember if they make a smart top modual for this model, but the next gen there is. A great little add on. lets you raise and lower the roof, while moving (Under 50km/h)

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