2001 space Odyssey Pot March Needs Support

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    Dear Comrades:
    The May 5, 2001 Space Odyssey in NYC(million pot march) needs your
    support.....I happen to be a veteran participant going back to the 70's
    when I first moved to NYC.....Therefore I am pleading with you folks on
    behalf of those who are serving time in AmeriKKKa's concentration camps
    and on behalf of our sister and brother AIDS and cancer patients who
    need the herb as part of their treatment to act now!!!!In fact, my
    ailments require that I smoke some pot in order to enable me to walk.Of
    course this puts me in a position against Dumbiya and Mayor Ghouliani
    who are heavy
    hitters in the drug war which must be stopped.
    If you are interested, visit http://2001thespaceodyssey.com, contact
    dana via dana@cures-not-wars.org or call 1-212-677-7180 to receive
    flyers that can be posted and distributed at clubs, concerts, etc.The
    time is short.......our pot patients and pot prisoners cant wait for a
    solution to a problem being perpetrated by the George Dumbiya Bushes of
    this era. Lets Act Now!!!!
    ARON KAY(http://www.pieman.org)
    Support the Million Marijuana March
    Check out Giuliani Toilet Paper
  2. Dumbiya!?


    I tried to follow that link. It say that the page can not be displayed. :(

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