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2001 Audi TT FWD 1.8t engine rebuild w/ big turbo

Discussion in 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles' started by midnittoke, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Ok guys, I have most of the parts here or are in transit. The motro has been pulled, stripped, and taken to the machine shop. I am aiming for 400hp at the wheels and would like to venture out from there after tuning and reliability have been established in the new engine. Ok I know you are waiting to here specs so here we go..

    Wiseco pistons and rings- 8.5:1 c/r standard bore
    Eagle rods w/ ARP rod bolts
    All ACL Calico coated bearings
    ARP Head bolts, main bolts, flywheel bolts
    OEM gasket kit
    cylinders and head are being honed and polished- ATC stock head right now but going AEB later
    F1 racing Stage 5 clutch and lightweight flywheel
    rebuilt T3/T4 63 trim turbo
    Tial Wastgate-- waiting to get turbo to determine how much room in the bay for equal length headers.. hence not sure what size wastegate im going with, but going Tial none the less
    630cc Bosch fuel injectors
    Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
    OBX High Flow fuel rail
    Walboro inline fuel pump- just to be safe
    3" custom DP w/o cat- reduced to 2.5" all the way, with a magnaflow muffler
    All new gaskets, hardware, and coolant lines
    Central Vacuum manifold to clean up the engine bay
    battery relocation to the rear
    Ebay FMIC intercooler kit.. upgrading core with Head and intake manifold after car is running
    Oil Catch can-- highly recommend, Pulled my SMIC and hoses off, with nice puddles of oil in the lines
    Plus all the essentials.. timing belt kit, spark plugs (gapped and colder range), etc..
    SAI and N75 delete
    Manual boost controller
    electronic turbo timer
    Eurodyne Maestro 7 tuning

    The engine is being cleaned and reassembled by Rice in Oklahoma City. He is going through the block and head, checking all clearances, specs, and reassembling. The crankshaft will be balanced and polished as well.. As of right now my limiting factor on hp is gonna be the head and intake manifold. AFter some saving, I am building a complete head with intake mani.

    Planned mods after block is finished, not set in stone just the general direction I am going, brands could change depending on deals and specials I find before then..
    AEB head
    007 Large port intake mani
    larger throttle body
    oversized valves
    high rate springs w/ titanium retainers
    Cat cams-- mild grind, still want it somewhat streetable
    NOS wet kit w/ 75 shot and rpm switch
    ... considering w/m injection but not sure

    Supposing everything goes according to plan (it never does) this will be the extent of performance mods.. If anyone is interested in stock parts off ATC engine pm me and we can try and work something out.. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free, I welcome constructive criticism as I want to build a mechanically optimal engine, and am by no means an expert.. Pics will be coming soon..

    Also, if anyone has weight saving ideas, I am all ears.. (not getting rid of A/C)
  2. For weight reduction, remove the spare tire, remove the passenger windshield wiper, take off unused seatbelts, etc. Every little bit helps.

    And also, enjoy the massive torque steer on a FWD engine.
  3. with the power you are going to be making i would wait until you have driven the car before you start pulling a good car apart. a buddy has a jetta with roughly 300+ hp and full interior and its almost "too" fast to daily. spins tires. etc. so with 400+ in my opinion you should be more than pleased. buy a lsd if you havnt already as the poster above was hinting at im sure :smoke:
  4. Yup researching between wavetrac and pelooquin lsds :)
  5. Sell it, and buy a evo. <3
  6. #6 midnittoke, Mar 18, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 18, 2011
    :eek: I cant believe you would suggest selling an Audi, that would be a mortal sin :D (well at least to a fanatic follower lol)

    Just wanted to use this as a build thread to give people something to look at if interested.. I know there is a growing community for the 1.8t engine, and I will have pics and general instructions for those wanting to do their own turbo build/upgrade.. As far as the transmission, yes, I am beefing it up after the engine is running soundly and ready to be driven. I am leaning towards the wavetrac lsd.. if anyone has any experience with these or the 1.8t would love to hear it.. good or bad, just looking for good, in depth discussion to give people some good reading material :smoke:
  7. by the way, check out VWVortex.com im guessing you already know of it but has a TON of information
  8. Sam, yes sir and audiforums.com as well. Know you are trying to help and I really do appreciate it :wave:
  9. Why would you do all of that for a FWD Audi?
  10. cuz its fun..

  11. And that comrade is all that matters :smoke:
  12. 1st and 2nd will be useless but it will be a beast on the highway :devious:
  13. Update... Increasing the bore out to 82mm :)
  14. Lots of text, no fucking pictures....

    Come on bro, show us some pics!
  15. Wont have pics of the motor for a bit.. It is at the machining shop :(
  16. This sounds dope. I would have gone with a B5 myself, but I'm interested to see how this turns out!
  17. looking forward to... some pictures.
  18. still waiting to get the motor back.. :(
  19. pics man lemme see this whip
  20. 2001 Audi TT FWD 1.8t engine rebuild w/ big turbo I am a great fan of Audi cars. It looks amazing in style comfort and performance. So if it with big turbo and 1.8lt engine it will rock the roads.

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