2001: A Space Odyssey

Discussion in 'General' started by my merc 4, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. I viewed this 1968 film by Kubrick for the second time in its entirety recently. after viewing the movie and interpreting what I saw. i deemed it necessary to consult the internet on understanding this fascinating movie better. i read reviews and other peoples interpretations. some say that the movie means nothing and some say it is filled with some of the best cinematics off all time. be it dealing with audio or special effects or acting. now I have not read the books or seen the sequel movie 2010: the year we make contact. but I plan to do so within due time. anyone else a fan of this movie and want to share their thoughts on it.:gc_rocks:
  2. yea i watched that movie high once. i thought it was incredable. i dont have much to say about it cause i remember very little from it. but i do remember loving it as i watched it. i saw the sequel too and i thought it sucked compared to the 1st one. but its still interesting to watch.
  3. I was also very high when I watched it, but I remember boredom INTENSELY. Was it very long? And not a ton of music, boring dialogue, and lots of scrolling panoramic views?

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