2000w soil/hydro *CGE* *FLOWERING*

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    Hello GC! This is my first indoor grow. I've had a few successful low maintenance outdoor grows and figured I'd move it inside. I hope the community will give there advice as I am very open.

    So Here are my specs.

    Room: 11x10x8
    Lights: (1) 1000W MH for veg, (2) 1000W HPS for flower
    Hydro System: 12 site Ebb & Grow flood and drain bucket system with 55 gal. reservoir, RO water
    Soil: Fox Farms Ocean Forest
    Ventilation: 6" Active Air, Hydro Hut Goblin charcoal filter
    Nutrients: Technaflora's BC line following the 'Recipe for Success'
    Genetics: G13 White Widow (fem.), Greenhouse Big Bang (fem.), G13 Power Skunk, Bagseed

    I germinated in paper towels about 16 days ago. 7 White Widow, 7 Big Bang. 2 Power skunk and some various bagseed were germinated over the past 10 days or so. The seeds were put int a Rapid Rooter tray after they cracked. The original 14 were placed under some floros. It wasn't really enough light and I had some other issues. I ended up losing about 5 days of growth but got most of it sorted out. All of the seedlings get transplanted into there medium once roots show through rooting plugs. One of the White Widow seedlings stressed real bad and mutated. I plan on vegging for around 6 weeks then spread the pots out for flowering.

    Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think.

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    The canoing that can be seen in the first pictures has gotten slightly worse and brown tips have shown up on two leaves and brown spots on one leaf. I thought it was heat stress at first because I had a spike in heat, but I have solved that. My pH is steady around 6.2. I fed with a light schedule of BC Grow, BC Boost, Magical, and Sugar Daddy. As recommended by Technaflora. I highly doubt it is burn because the feeding was so small, but I could be wrong. And I used Magical so I am hesitant to say mag. deficiency. My ppm reading is stable right around 260. Any ideas GC?

  3. Looks nice man im also using the Ocean Forest soil and its working great. Good luck ill be watching. You shoud check mine out under x4 Ice seeds
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    Thanks for stopping in. Your grow is looking pretty good.
  5. Bumpin' for advice and opinion
  6. Update: The 2 Power Skunk were transplanted into the FFOC today. Send good female vibes to 'em. I have settled on it being heat stress on the others in the hydro setup.

    So the final count is: 8 White widow (1 deformed)
    7 Big Bang
    3 Bag seed
    2 Power Skunk

    Picture update in a few days.
  7. What strains did you grow outdoors previously? Also if this is your first time with WW, White Widow Man knows this strain like the back of his mylar. I'm sure he'll drop by with some expert strain analaysis and advice! GL I'll be watching!

    Did you order from the attitude by chance?
  8. Thanks for stopping in Blaze.

    I did three grows of Hindu Kush from clones. The were ok. I never put too much into them. I'm not the biggest OD fan but just wanted to observe characteristics of the growth to maturity. I just sent WWM a PM. This is my first time from seed but had some stumbles I sorted out. I had 100% germination though. Yes I ordered from Attitude. I was extremely pleased with them. I was accidentally sent the wrong tracking number and they sorted it out in an hour. Also, my package arrived stateside in 5 days. 27 seeds for under $120 with a cool t-shirt
  9. Packin' a bowl in celebration of this one my friend... very impressed with the organization and cleanliness of the setup. A+.

    As for the burnt tips, first I am assuming that's an MH and not HPS... Just to make sure cause the plant as a whole looks to be in good shape - need to verify it's not the lighting makin' her look healthy...hahaha.

    One thing I'd do would be to actually UP the nutes to around .5 EC. The ladies actually look a slight yellow (might be the lighting of course)...

    Gut feeling though - I'd up the nutes, adjust pH to 5.8 and wait....
  10. Wow wow wow!! Looks beautiful. I can't wait to see how it flourishes. :)
  11. Thanks for checkin' in Klutter. I'm flattered by the compliments. You are correct in assuming it is MH. They are doing ok. Showing growth but a little slow. I figured my nutes were a little low but I had some troubles early on so I really wanted to ease into feeding. You are right, they are a little yellow. I change the reservoir tomorrow and I will take your advice and up the feeding.

    YAY! Trichy's here! Thanks for stopping by chica! And the compliment.
  12. looks like you have a ton of room for expansion later. Thats good!

    so my guess is the hydrotons are sitting on top of the FFOF? why is that again?

    are you using nutes at this stage? RO water only? I like the strain selection you have going. Ill be watching this one and i hope you get 2 more lights and knock out a 40 - 50 plant grow lol
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    Thanks for stopping by MJ. You and your room for more:D. I definatly plan on expanding. 24 site system for veg and (2) 24 site systems for flowering with a clone and mother closet. Just wanted to get one indoor under the belt first. As for the soil/Hydroton mix. There are 12 hydro pots and 6 soil pots. They are not mixed (well the soil has a cup of hydroton under it for drainage) together. They went one week with RO only after transplant then one week with 1/4 strength @ 220-260 ppm & 5.8-6.2 pH.

    Stay Tuned brother, by June/July we'll compare 'big room grows'
  14. Update: So the girls are coming along. I'm on about day 21ish, but I am behind on growth by about 5 days because of stress. I had a spike in temps to that caused a little more curling. There are some signs of spotting as well but it hasn't spread really. I think the spotting was a bit of a mg. deficiency that started before the second reservoir change that I just did. Changing it to about 1/2 strength solution bringing it up to 440-460 ppm @ 5.5-6.0 pH. All seems to be going alright. Feel free to add your input and thanks for stopping by.

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  15. Looks great!:wave:
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    :wave:Thanks Trichy! They are looking pretty good today. I'll try to get some pictures up once I get settled.
  17. Can't wait to see your closer to flower results. looks good


  18. THnks for stopping by. You and me both. I wanted to go 6 weeks but we'll see how long I can hold out.
  19. Update: They have had pretty good growth for three days. They have gotten real bushy but not much taller. No real changes have been made just kept the pH down. The pH seems to want to rise. not to fast but I have to adjust it every day. Is this normal? Also still have some spots on one. They don't seem real aggressive but they still concern me. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Room temp: 70-80
    reservoir temp: 68
  20. Forgot picture.

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