2000 Watt Soil Scotts OG Grow

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    Sup Grasscity peeps,
    Haven't posted in a long ass time, I've been busy. I did however completely re-do my grow room in my garage and am ready to start posting again. I was just running some plants but they got infested with a rare Russet Mite apocalypse so I had to trash everything. Here is what I am working with for my next round which I'll be posting about semi-regularly:
    2x 1kw hoods (generic Apollo MH bulbs for mid-late veg, Ushio Super HPS bulbs for flower)
    1x 400 watt MH hood for early veg (generic Apollo brand)
    12x Scott's OG Seeds from Rare Dankness
    Potentially a few 501st OG clones, also Rare Dankness
    Planning to run 6 plants total in 7 gallon containers to keep it legal here in Colorado! If I get a bad run with the seeds (less females, or crappy phenos) I might up the container size and run fewer plants.
    Seedling Soil Mix:
    • 50/50 Light Warrior and Ocean Forest
    • Ancient Forest amendment from General Hydro
    • Small amounts of powdered humic and fulvic acid
    My main soil mix will be similar, but with more perlite, dolomite lime, and some added Soil Cut Starter Mix that I have left over that I got from Kelp4Less. I wanted to run more of my own super soil but I don't have the space or the time to let it cook properly.
    Going to spend a lot of time tonight decontaminating the grow room with bleach and getting everything planted. I'll post pictures later when it's all rolling!
    Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 1.26.29 PM.png


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