200 Utah teachers take free firearms training class

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  1. 200 Utah teachers take free firearms training class | Fox News

  2. "...in the wake of the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut"

    Can this even be considered that? They are thousands of miles away, and shootings happen every day. Not trying to marginalize the shooting in CT but really, it's sickening that the media is still riding the coat tails of the tragedy.

    Not like I need another reason why the MSM is fucking disgusting, but yeah. It is.

  3. Yeah I agree 20 kids and 8 adults is like 1/2 of a predator strike.
  4. At least half a days work
  5. Armimg people will always cause more deaths. The United States proves this day in and day out. I will give an example

    A lot of people in the USA go camping and hiking and bring a firearm to protect themselves from bears, mountain lions etc. If you check the statistics, more of those campers die from accidental gun shot wound then from an animal attack. The NRA instills fear into people, it is their way of marketing and selling guns.

    If guns go into schools, there will be more accidental deaths from gun shots more often then there are from people attacking the schools.

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