200 plants found in mall

Discussion in 'General' started by TokerofTHC, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. That's a mess of a sitiation.
  2. I saw this earlier today...lovely.
  3. on the same site thier s a video of hartford coneticut puting a CURFEW ON PEOPLE UNDER 21
    no one is aloud out after 9 pm
    DO YOU BELIEVE THIS SHITTTTTT.:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
    if i lived thier, ide fukin snap and hafta kill mad peeps.:cool::mad::cool:

    peace out:smoking:
  4. No one has been arrested lol pwnd...
  5. "Millions of dollars worth of marijuana plants"

  6. how dangerous...the dea said that room could explode! did they have a nice lil coffee shop in the mall too?
  7. Best store in the mall.
  8. hah I laughed when they said "this room could explode any minute!" anyways how were these guys planning on harvesting this?
  9. i cannot comprehend the size of this persons balls. they invested in equipment to put in a fucking mall! last time i heard something this mindblowing homie told me hes selling an 85 corolla for 3000 :eek:
  10. I wouldn't say they have big balls, I'd say they are extremely stupid. Who would honestly grow 200 marijuana plants at a mall in Miami?
  11. stupid maybe. how many harvests do you think they pulled off? my guess is alot. I think it was well thought out and only got found by chance. if thye still didnt get cought my guess is they are very bright.
  12. Whenever most people get caught, it's usually just by chance. You don't want to be growing 200 marijuana plants inside of a mall, where many people are throughout the day. My guess is that someone smelled it.
  13. yea, maybe they needed to replace the carbon in the filter and forgot or something minor and then they smelled it. or maybe a mainanance man had to go there. 200 plants 1 million more like 10000 or someting
  14. This is so cool, I wish they could have harvested that shit, and then the remains of the Operation were found, that would be cooler.
  15. fuck off dea

  16. Someone with a lot of brains, a lot of resources, and a hell of a lot of balls I'd say. Growing in a mall means they probably won't think anything of the heat in a helicopter survey, and it means the person wouldn't have to pay electricity. This is not to mention, whoever did this hasn't been caught, and may never be. The person took a risk, but was apparently smart enough to make it work. Plus, this could have been going on for a long time - even one harvest of 200 hydro plants couldn't have been bad.
  17. probably an inside job too.
  18. if your not growing, its people like this who get it to your possession. people with balls. Much respect to whoever you are

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