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200 oz

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ohidro77, May 3, 2011.

  1. one of my associates has a cousin who grows he says i can get oz's from for $200. its a 3hours drive also. its suppose to be og kush does this sound to good to be true or should i look into it?
  2. I would look into it. Get there, tell him that you just took a 3 hour drive, and want to know for sure that its worth it before committing to it. Get him to smoke you up on a bowl, see how it is, decide for yourself.
  3. its the 20th century dude. get a picture sent to your phone or your computer.
  4. Depends where you live dude. If you're in somewhere like canada $200 an oz is standard, maybe not for some nice kush, but you can still get nice buds for $200/oz.

    If you live somewhere where dank buds cost closer to $400 an oz, definitely check it out.
  5. give it a shot.

    if its not worth it, dont do it again. you wont be out that much

    if its legit, tell that nukka you'll meet him halfway next time or somethin.

    cheezus crust thats a long way to get some nugs.
  6. Driving 6 hours for green isn't something I would do period. Not to mention the dirty drive back can fuck your shit up.
  7. 21st century, but yes, get some visual before going all the way out there.

    And maybe just get it when you're headed that way anyways, because that's a pretty far drive...
  8. Pictures don't necessarily do bud justice. When I'm picking up I make sure I have the stankiest.

    Hasn't disappointed me so far :love:
  9. yea i guess its worth a shot ive been payin 375-400 oz latelty
  10. With gas there and back your better off buying it
  11. Damnit, I read the title and thought he was buying two hundred ounces. What a letdown.
  12. misleading title imo. I was hoping for some guy showing a pic of his pickup of 200 ozs lol :smoke:

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