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    Not many poker players in here I suppose, and I know there are better forums for this answer, but I'm stoned and chilling and was hoping another stoner poker player might have the time to ponder with me.

    I am profitable at online poker. I don't make a lot per hour, but about 10k a year and I don't spend much but rather increase my stakes as my bankroll allows in a responsible fashion. I'm playing 100-200 sit and goes and $1/2 holdem cash tables and I'm playing some multi table tourneys to try to strike it big (eg. 1.5 million, 215 heads up multi tourny)

    I recognize the difference in play from the 70 dollar sit and goes to the 119. Much tighter play from most. After looking up some players I found many are multi tabling up to 20 tables.

    My first question is? How are you capable of playing 20 tables on multiple screens by yourself? I play 6 at times and I can see the benefits, however there would be diminishing returns for me with any more.

    I have to assume they are profitable playing a more detached game and good cards all the time or they wouldn't be doing it. However, I wonder if this is the best way to make a living at it.

    Is playing more in tuned to the game but less tables as good as playing many more games but more predictably?

    I want to pursue the idea of being able to make a living some day (4K a month avg), I spend all my free time playing (about 30 hrs a week). I'm trying to figure out the best road to travel.
  2. awesome

    let me just add some mathmatical factors for you to ponder

    you play 1 table: you have a 67/33 edge...you run a 26% ROI
    you play 2 tables: you have a 65/35 edge...you run a 23% ROI
    you play 3 tables: you have a 63/37 edge...you run a 20% ROI
    you play 4 tables: you have a 61/39 edge...you run a 17% ROI
    you play 5 tables: you have a 58/42 edge...you run a 14% ROI
    you play 6 tables: you have a 55/45 edge...you run a 11% ROI
    you play 7 tables: you have a 52/48 edge...you run a 8% ROI
    you play 8 tables: you are 50/50....you are break even
    you play 9 tables: you are now a 47/53 dog...you run a -9% ROI
    you play 10 tables: you are now a 44/56 dog...you run a -14% ROI
    and so on....

    The key idea behind this is to figure out how many tables you can play to maximize your profitability. All of the really good online poker players use this concept when playing online because there goal is to maximize winnings.

    Now on the ppl playing up to 20 tables there is a two-fold answer on that which i will write up and post in the morning . it has to do with fpp's on 1 end and type of playing

    i am just too buzzed to do it acuritly:smoke::smoke:
  3. those numbers you give of course changes for every player. My edge might be less, or more. But the bigger picture you represent is more in line with what I though. There are diminishing returns. However I understand the fpp side of it (Maybe I don't see the whole picture). I earn 10 to 20,000 a month and get a decent return on them (I think).

    I wasted some playing those 1 table games with superstars, but found the 1M satellite was more profitable, and then there is the guaranteed profit of just buying tickets for tournaments. I haven't settled on any one way to spend them for maximum profit yet. I'm still in the beginning stages of this (even though its my 3rd year playing for profit).

    I am exploring the idea that NL cash tables might be better than sit and goes in the variance and long term profitability department. The FPP's aren't there however, but I have all the pokerstars clothing and books I want and being supernova doesn't seem to offer any real perks for the price.

    I am in the middle of a bad run that has seen me lose 5K in the last month (the worst run ever, but it is all due to moving up in stakes. I first made 10K without a backslide at these levels, so I am still up, but now I'm moving down in stakes for a while so I can figure some things out.

    I also wonder if some people just play large multi tournys and don't focus all their time on cash tables and sit and goes. Perhaps there is a way to make it that way as well.

    Finally, I wonder if I should focus my time on learning a new game that I could perhaps take advantage of newbies in, hopefully the same drive and intution that made me successfull at holdem will transer to other games.

    these are the things I ponder.
  4. I can play up to 30 tables and have a positive return.

  5. Awesome keep up that positive return . any hints on style of play any system you use?
  6. i usually go with about 6 tables at a time because i like to know which table it each one is. i would be able to play at a lot more but i feel it would probably make me not be able to play as well as with less tables.

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