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20 ng/ml Urine Screen - Opinions Needed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by KM4360, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. Hi!
    New here and would just like some opinions on my current situation. Now I do know that none of you can give me a definite answer on this but Im sure some of you might have some anecdotes or past experience to give me some insight.

    Im 5'6" 150 lbs with an average to fast metabolism. Smoked regularly but not heavily (couple bowls max every night) for years. More on the weekends. I abstained for 50 days prior to my test. Tested myself before and after at home:

    Tested neg on at home test at 30 days (50 ng/ml), 52 days (50 ng/ml), and 61 days (20 ng/ml test).

    I took the 20 ng/ml cutoff test for work 12 days ago and havent heard anything about it.

    You guys think Im in the clear??

  2. I'd be amazed if you tested positive. Im skinny and the diluting your Blatter always works for me even labs. Just chew some bvitimans before and pee 4 times clear at home. No food at all. Fat is the reason tch metabolites collect. Lemonade is best adds collor too. I'm 130 at best and I only wake up8 hours before my test and start sipen. dont eat!!!. I think my lab cuts off at 15ng/ml
  3. I already took the test. Im asking if you think I passed at day 50. I didnt dilute because I thought Id be good even at 30 days and it was a 50 ng/ml test. Before the test I didnt dilute. Drank a normal amount of water. Test was my 3rd void of the day, peed midstream. Thanks for your reply though.
  4. I say not hearing from them is a positive sign. I don't mean positive reading.
    50day is overkill that's why I'd be amazed if you tested above the bar.
    99% sure you passed.
    The lab may have lost the sample or orderd a fresh sample.
    Is this job related or legal related urine sreeen? Do they watch your cock
  5. Job related. They didnt watch me (im female, btw).
  6. Well gender wouldn't affect it unless your pregnant and synthusised urine was used.
    I always thought if random UA happens ID just warm water in my mouth to body temp and spit in enough. Labs the only way to confirm if it urine or not.
  7. Lol you cant be serious. they look at the color of the sample. Some labs also note smell and froth (they shake it up and see).
  8. If you drank the recommended serving of water daily. 8 cups if I remember. Would make my urine clear all the time with meals.
    Oh had very mild colored when I dilute with minimal tent almost like mountain dew in light. And clear samples before.
    Just cause your urine is clear doesn't mean test tampering.
    Why did synthetic urine not be used?
  9. Thought Id be good to go natural. Always thought 30 days was good to piss clean. I only found out after that that isnt the case for everyone. Especially with a 20 ng/ml test. 30 days is the average with clean times ranging from 3 days to 90 days for regular users. Wish I knew that 50 days I go. I would have been at the gym sweating my ass off everyday. Nervous now.
  10. I forgot the toke break time away. You should do a follow up on the interview, in person is better. Check on hiring status and maybe hear the result from ua
  11. Its for a job I already have. Im worried about getting fired. Shady to ask for results as the assumption is that a drug free person wouldnt ask. I just have to wait it out which is the worst. Thanks a lot for your feedback. Much appreciated.
  12. No coworker is going to remember the topic of a negative drug screening for multiple hours and remember to inform you of result. 1 are they expected to?
    2 why does a clean person need to be told he's clean?
  13. But yes. Dont persue to manually find the results by asking.
  14. No other opinions out there?
  15. So what happened ?

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