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20 lb. co2 tank longevity?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by SOB420, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know how long a 20 lb. co2 tank will last in a 300 cu. ft. room only venting when temp and humidity require (they are typically pretty well in check)? co2 is only on during lights on kept at 1500 ppm
  2. My co2 tank lasts about 5 days in a 4x4x7 room with a 6" vortex running non stop. I have my timer set for 30seconds on every minute for 12 hours. The ppm ranges from 1100-1400.
  3. the calculator said that in my 7x7.5x5.5 room that a 20lb tank would only last .23 hours :-/

    any help with this, i am looking into buying a co2 tank and i need help on the size and cost side of this, i have tried searching hella (thats why i am bringing back this old ass thread) so if anyone could help me thatd be amazing (def get a nice lil rep bump)
  4. yeah man that calculator dont work , i tried 3 diff room sizes and it gave the same result for all of them :(
  5. The results of the equation are at the top highlighted in Red. I missed it at first as well.

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