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  1. I just thought I'd share this.. I went to a friends place for a party thing last night. Got pissed off with everyone and decided to drink coffee.. stay up and watch the sun rise and then hitch hike home. 20 kilometres of country road in the brisk morning air. It was a good experience I must say, even though I walked almost all of it.. 2 very nice people picked me up and helped me on my journey, and now I am home and listening to some Led Zeppelin.. thinking of the kindness of strangers and the fact that we can walk a bloody long way if we want to :)
  2. I know exactly how you feel, one time I had to go to a friend's house to go half on an eighth (neither of us had much money at the time) it was weird because I hadn't slept in, like, 20 hours and rarely go outside during the day, much less walk around. I got it and he let me borrow this book called 'the medium is the massage' (yes, massage, not message). I found a little alley by his house and toked up and then went to this gas station (also nearby) and got a mountain dew and sat there reading this book, it was short but it ended up being pretty cool. It was such a simple eventless experience but it really changed my perspective on things. I regularly go on walks when I'm stoned now.
  3. love to walk

    do quite alot of it

    tho we usualy call it hiking cus it is mostly in the woods

    but in alaska everything is

    mostly in the woods

    i have always found that walking when i am high
    is a very plesurable expeereance
    and keeps the couch magnets out of my ass!
  4. I like to walk around as well, but with where I live now there's nowhere to walk to, and no one to really walk with. So I don't take as many walks. What's always good is the 72 hour bender, there's something special about being awake for so long but not being sober once during that time. It's one thing to be drunk and to know you'll wake up sober, but becoming sober from drinking with no sleep sucks.... so you have to drink more, or smoke more.

    However, 72 hours is something I highly recommend, just be prepared to sleep for a full day afterwards.

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