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$20 for a gram of trainwreck???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tonz, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Im trying to buy trainwreck from this guy he said its $20 a gram is that good or bad?
  2. yea thats fine..usually weed in nonlegal states run for 20 a G...but if ya have a steady cash flow you'd be better gettin a eigth for ~$60(its worth the extra 40 because a G maybe gone sooner than ya think!)..buyin in bulk usually saves money in the long run. either way enjoy it!
  3. $20 is the standard for a g man.
  4. Don't worry about the name, just make sure its legit dank if you are going to pay $20 for it, and make sure its a full gram.

  5. Well i have $5 atm lol
  6. LOL that really had me laughin, not the fact that its 5 bucks but just a funny response...yea ive been there though..currently ive been budless for a while cuz im savin up for an O for 4/20..and its killin me seeing all that cash & not buying any weed, then my connect text me like every other damn day with a new strain pick up! UGGHH
  7. shit you better get some more lol $5 doesnt buy much dro. as for the 20 a g thats pretty standerd prices for non-mmj states i usually get 15 a g though
  8. Standard Price. Enjoy.


  9. got ya beat. ;) i get mine direct from the grower myself. 10 a gram, purple kush all day.
  10. You bring this up 2 months later?
  11. I get all of my weed for $10 a gram max.

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