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20 for a gram of dro?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Gilu, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. I'm JUST about to buy

    and my dealer wants 20 for a gram of dro are we gettin ripped off?

    reply ASAP
  2. Yes you are getting ripped off.
  3. fuck now I'm left with no one to buy from?? :/
  4. If that's your only option right now and you're completely dry, and if the bud is dank, then buy it.
  5. are you using dro meaning hydroponics or dro as dank?
  6. pretty sure its dank

  7. If its it dank then yeah I would cause thats what I pay sometimes for some real dank stuff even though I hate paying 20-25 for a G
  8. That's not that bad. $20 for a gram is definitely worth it if you have no other options.
  9. I'll use my persuasive powers to get him to throw in a bit more... I'll be fine

    thanks guys

    and still share your thoughts
  10. 20 a gram of dro is what it runs where i live, i brought it once and it was super dank, only brought it cause city was dry of mids and regs
  11. People around me ask $20\g for Great Beasties\Fire... Though I can normally grab them <$50\8th...

    I went to some bigger cities and Sensi was going for like $50\g though... You gotta be insane to do that... I mean that shit is a killer... Definitely a one-hit quit Indica... But it also has decent growing yields...
  12. I love it when I see these young or inexperienced dealers say "hey man I got some bad ass dro, this is some awesome hydro right here, only $100 a gram....!" Ask them what "dro" means and they'll stare at you like a deer caught in headlights. I'm like I don't give a shit if its dro or not, and obviously you don't even know what the hell hydro means. You just think its some kind of killer weed...
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    no you are not getting ripped off, that is the price, tony is an idiot.

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  14. sucks huh? try living in Hawaii where thats the norm for many of years. Sure we got good stuff, but you pay that price for bunk stuff too. It's should be more of a question of do i really want to get stoned?

  15. depends on where u live. im in new jersey and 20 bucks a gram of dank is the going rate. yeah its expensive but ohh well, what choice do i have.
  16. i'm a name caller

    someone put me in detention and make me study for my spelling test please
  17. A bit expensive, usually considered a bad deal.

    unless it's the real deal dank

    click my sig man
  18. 20 is fine. if its 50 an eighth, which is about 15 per gram, then buying in a lower quantity is obviously going to make it 20 a gram. its simple bussiness. although i do get grams for 15, i would pay 20. its just 5 bucks. to some people, 5 is not much, to others, its the reason they have food or not.
  19. haha thats excatly how it is for me like 5 days a week, im always thinking to myself "if i spend this 5 dollars i wont eat for a day or two....."
  20. haha yeah.. ramens are cheap though!! and delicious.

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