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$20 for 1.5 grams? Am I being ripped off?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by legoboy08, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. My dealer said for $20 i could get 1.5 grams of some high mids, am I being ripped off?
  2. Most people get 1 gram for $20 so it is a good deal as long as he is true to his word.
  3. For high mids, you should get at least 2g. Some can even get 8ths.
  4. If he's hooking you up with high mids, $20 should net you anywhere from 2-3.5g depending on your area. Around here, a $20 of high mids is about 2.5g.
  5. i just picked up 1.5 of some sick nugget for $20 last
    night haha
  6. Yeah for that price it shouldnt be midskis
  7. You should AT LEAST be getting 2 g's for that amount. Hes just trying to tax you. Dont fall for it..
  8. pics help, well good pics
  9. for mids i always get 3.5-5 grams for 20..

  10. #10 wein-dog12, Feb 20, 2009
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    1.5 for 20 bucks is good
  11. Yes man. i can usually get 2 g's if not 2.3 or 4.
    So but still if it is some decent hi mids,
    I guess it is worth it:D
  12. ive paid 20 for 1 gram of some super dank ,,but for mids,no way in hell id pay that
    i guess with 26 years experiance in smoking,ive learned a few things
  13. 1.3-1.5 is a straight $20 sack of very bomb weed.

    For mids that should be $10?
  14. here that would be a dime so it would only be 10. for 20 you can get 3.5 of some high mids or fire depending on whats goin round. but it does depend on where you live.
  15. im pretty sure he couldnt get pics since he hasnt bought the bud yet. :wave:
  16. Dude, are you guys serious? I've been buying from the area i'm in now for over 3 years, and our prices have always been 20 for about 1-1.3.Even moving farther away from my area, we've still always paid 20 for about 1g. I'm flipping out right now reading about you guys that are getting 3.5's for 20! I guess this is just one more reason to hate new jersey.
  17. $20 could get you an eight over here so I'd say no to that -16th offer.
  18. i dont know what mids or high mids are, so i dunno if 1.5g is good or not
  19. #19 dfoolz, Feb 20, 2009
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    for $25 I get a quarter(7 grams) of "mid". Nice and light green too :hello::hello:

    for 1.5g & $20 it better smell like a skunk :p:p

    btw im a little bit further south(Orlando)....
  20. 20$ for 1.5? you should slap whoever is trying to sell that to you. and for some high mids? hell yea your gettin ripped off.

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