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20 dollars for a 15 shot?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mrpurpul, May 11, 2010.

  1. Is 20 dollars for a 15 shot of "purp" worth the money? Also is "purp" a good strain, will i get a nice high? Lol thanks.
  2. What is a "15 shot?" It sounds like it should be worth $15 but I could be wrong. "Prup" is more of a general term and the last time it was used with weed I bought my high was light but long lasting and nice. It just depends on how it looks and ultimately how it smokes.
  3. Urban Dictionary here i come
    moments later...
    ok i dont know it does say so your probably getting ripped off because urban dictionary and I dont know and my 2 friends dont know either.
  4. Yea my friend just said purp i have no idea lol. He also said 15 i guess less then a dub more then a ten shot
  5. So then it should be $15...

  6. Lol, this pretty much sums this entire situation up.

    Here is what you need to do:

    1) Found out what the FUCK a 15 shot is

    2) Come back and tell us so we can lol

    The rest does't matter, but those 2 steps are vital.
  7. Doesn't that mean;

  8. Purp isn't a stain holmes, it's just short for purple bud. But if it's good bud, I'd pay 20 for a skimpy 20 lol
  9. I'd never.

  10. Stain? Holmes? We need Sherlock Holmes to figure out what the fuck you're saying.
  11. this is very confusing

    pay $15 for it. there was one guy who tried to sell me Ak-47 for "$8 dollars a blunt" (a nick worth in my area). I just walked away

  12. It was obviously a typo and what he meant to say was "strain".

    no wonder your post count is so high. :smoking:
  13. Why would you walk away from that? Haha.

  14. L.O.L. hahahaha:hello::hello::hello::hello:
  15. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, he meant 'strain'!? Well now that that's cleared up...


    My post count is nothing compared to others on here...

  16. ahaha! XD

    But a "15 shot" whatever that is... should be worth $15? No?
  17. so your gunna pay him $20 for $15 dollars worth of weed? Tha fuck?:confused:
  18. Hes selling you a gram of some dank and it usually goes for 15$ but i guess he has some really good dank and selling it for 20$.. or he's just ripping you off lol.
  19. considering that you have "purp" in your name, i suspect trolling, Mr. 3 posts.

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