20 Degrees Too Cold?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bluntedyouknow, May 23, 2006.

  1. im in canada its 20 degrees today the sun is really bright will seedlings be ok outside for the day if i bring back in at night?
  2. To sum it up in one work...nope:)

    cold is not good for seedlings,it will shock them and kill it
  3. damn man well in all hoenstly they are gonna be out there to grow inside i have nothing for them they just been using my light that lights the room im in are you sure they will die????? it is about 25 degrees now im gonna be taking them back inside if the temp drops or somthing anyone else got an opinon (im not saying i dont trust you seaofgreen i just wanna be sure)
  4. omg sorry all im really bad at posting on here i can never get all my thoughts into one post is there a way to delete posts?
  5. sorry buddy but sog is def right bring em inside and chuck the pots on top of ur tell or somewhere warm like that def dont leave em outside and sorry again dont know how to scrap posts
    bring the little things in bless 'em
  6. 20Degrees is way too cold. They like around 70 degrees.
  7. You go to edit then delete then its asks the reason for deleting it then you press save,.
  8. bluntedyouknow,
    Being that you are in Canada I am guessing that you are using the Celsius temperature scale (because the US and its territories are the only bozos to use Fahrenheit) if that is the case than 20 degrees C or 68 degrees F is perfect. If you are talking about 20 degrees Fahrenheit than we are not having this conversation because your plants would already be dead.
  9. My thoughts exactly.
  10. lmao americans are hilarious... hes definately talking about celcius 20degrees is perfeectly fine man.... dont you guys have common sense? 20 degrees ferenhight is like -10 or something....its not that cold in canada....just to let you guys know there isnt always snow around here and it gets the same temperature as it does in the states ( pretty much) where i live ,windsor, it is closer to the equator then some states you guys need some better geography teachers.....o an by the way were i live we dont have canadian accents and dont say eh....we have normal accents like most of you guys..except them texans lmao well thats all im going to rant on about today and thanx for reading/listening....and that my friends is what grinds my gears
  11. Hello,
    I live on Vancouver Island (B.C) I've had mine out sence the end of Febuary. It didn't stunt them one bit,grown from seed,they are over a foot and a bit tall super bushy and ALL FEMALES, I think it really had to do with the cooler temp,and less light (more blue rays) which = female plants so........Don't fret I'm sure your plant will fine and if your still worried about frost bring them it at night or make shift a 'cold house' very handy!

  12. Yeah, that's also just about the southernmost point in Canada.
  13. i was gonna put mine out last weekend but is still too cold at night. the temperature drops to 4 degrees CELCIUS lol.

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