20 days since flip 12\12

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    Ffof soil
    Hlg 260w xl vspec For lighting
    Fox farm trio

    I’m 20 days since I flipped the lights. Took off most the big fan leaves. Was this a mistake??
    8C5A61A4-2255-4C99-9467-C27ECA2245F7.jpeg ADDE3319-0C5E-4ECA-B27F-50CE0DCB5DD3.jpeg
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  2. Yes and no removing leaves .
    If those leaves are directly covering a bud yes i personally remove them.
    If there not affecting or creating a shadow for the buds sites there staying.
    Let me say this could be a major debate i am not getting involved in lol.
    Its like the flush or not to flush debate
  3. Just looking for opinions! No debates lol
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  4. How big is your grow space?

    As already mentioned previously, it comes down to what big fan leaves are blocking any areas that deserve more light.

    I generally try to tuck the fan leaves down under a bud site branch, I wait for the fan leaves to die off, when I can touch them and they fall off than it’s natural enough for me. Most of the time my fan’s will blow the dead leaves off when they are ready.

    4x4x7 grow tent - 3 HLG 135 watt qb288 R spec combined with a 260 watt HLG kit, dimmed appropriately of course!

    Lemme know

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  5. 2x4x5 ft is my grow space plenty big for my 2 girls

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