20 days flowering no sign of sex?

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    I'm on day 20 of 12/12

    My lights are 6 - 2700k cfl's and 2 - 6500k cfl's

    I used 6 - 6500k cfl's and 2 - 2700k cfl's during veg

    I vegged for 27 days.

    Temperature is between 64 - 75 degrees fahrenheit

    I have 5 plants


    Soil is MG organic choice amended with blood meal, bone meal, alfalfa, perlite and dolomite lime.

    There have been no light leaks aside from one of my fans producing a blue LED light but I've turned that fan off and stopped using it. The room is pitch black inside as it's a closet within a closet.

    Everything looks fantastic and I'm very proud of things but shouldn't I AT LEAST be able to tell sex by now?

  2. Well males tend to show sex sooner sooooo this may be a good thing
  3. Yeah I've heard that. At least that's one positive I can keep coming back to right? I wouldn't even mind having 1 or 2 males just to make some space in there. Things are getting wild in my closet. Lots of lst'ing as I don't have much vertical space.
  4. You may wanna check for light leaks just in case. It'll make you feel better if anything. Keep checking and it'll reveal itself soon. I'd be pissed if they were male after 20 days of 12/12
  5. Here you go! :hello:

    These are 3 gallon buckets. One in the back is getting bad light and only in a 1 gallon but still growing like a champ.

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  6. Tough to tell that far away. Take pictures of the nodes, where the branches connect to the main stem. That will help get a better look.

    From afar it looks like you have some crowning on top, but it may be too early to really tell. If you can take closer pics of the nodes that will help.
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    Yeah it's just lighter green tops. I've checked the nodes up close every day. There may be some tiny balls forming on one but it's too early to tell if it's a pistil pod or a ball without a microscope at this time (haven't gotten it yet). I don't think it's balls though because none are clusters. Just single.

    Maybe I just have all females and some crazy sativa strain. Haha. I guess maybe the LED on them and the little veg time played an effect. I'm considering doing a 24 hour dark cycle starting at 10 am tomorrow morning. So maybe they'll make up their minds. Thoughts?
  8. im on 20 days of 12/12 no signs of sex yet im using a phototron with miracle grow moisture control soil its already to the top of the tron growing crazy leafs are huge main stem is thick as hell no light leaks not sure of the strain seeds were givin to me ????
  9. wtf, how is it possible those aren't showing yet?!
  10. have the nodes started staggering yet, or are they still pairs?
  11. this thread is bare old
  12. lol, missed that

    nice father jack av tho
  13. It may be that depending on strain some take longer to show and also because u flipped to 12/12 so soon they were not mature enough. But they look like they will show hairs any day now. Mine showed up in just a few days at the very top of main cola. Granted it was only 1,then next showed couple days later and I have 3 more at 12 days flower that have not showed sex. Just be patient and look.closely,hard to see sometimes. Looks good though.
  14. will put pics up tomorrow
  15. /photopost/data/500/P7100001.JPG /photopost/data/500/P7100002.JPG

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