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$20 A G for Kush (Highs)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cartel cashflow, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Is that a good deal it's a kid I know he says it's got crystals if to guys will verify this deal I'm going to pick up a G tomorrow.
  2. For sure man 20 for a g is the average price for a gram of some dank bud especially like kush. Just make sure it's a full gram. Because you'll get those guys tryin to give you like .6g for 20.
  3. Well where are you from?
  4. That's what I usually get or if it isn't my most used dealer it would be like .9.

  5. Im from a suburb of Albany, NY but the dealer is in the suburb so hes more of a middleman dealer.
  6. Well it better have crystals. You sound a bit naive. The price is pretty right assuming it's DANK but I'm just worried you're going to get shorted in the quality department. Good mids has PLENTY of obvious crystals. Do you know what this "kush" you're looking for looks like?
  7. well according to the kid dealing it will look something like this and I am naive the only time i smoke is with kids that have stuff on hand and I never ask them oh what is that schwag mids or highs? Plus I don't smoke too often.
  8. where are you located.
  9. [quote name='Deebo420']where are you located.[/Q
    Suburb of Albany, NY

  10. ahh, im not familiar with the area. Sorry
  11. Also kush will give me a body high right because its indica right?
  12. Yeah but you can't ever be too sure with the strain names dealers throw around. Just make sure it looks good and weighs on point bc $20 is steep
  13. NO. Indica dominant maybe, but they're are no pure indica strains. It could be a hybrid, could be sativa dominant. Kush is a general name, you'll know if the trichomes (crystals) are amber or white in color. Amber is indica dominant i think.

  14. thanks dude the one time i got a head high i flipped out so i want to stay away from sativa.
  15. Where I live the proper price for anything "dank" or any "headies" is 20 a g and 60 a slice. What you have to avoid around here (northern NJ) is buying "dubs."

    This is the most moronic term because it means nothing but a $20 bag and the atandard amound for these dubs can be .8 and it would be expected. People just try to make more money and shits so expensive here people seem to accept this.

    Dank don't mean shit tho because the last "dubs o dank" I bought from this kid had all the trichomes but was brownish and dry as fuck and tasted like cardboard. I need to stop buying from him unless he assures me its "redankulous nug" or "stanky dank"

    I lol every time this kid texts me that he got more bud
  16. No problem, could just be since it was your first time. I remember when i started smoking i only wanted the body high, but you need a good mix of both to get that real "high". Oh yeah, 20 a g is legit for kush down where i live. But i never go over 20 for any strain, might just be lower prices down here though. Happy tokin brother :smoking:
  17. That's how much I pay :(
  18. I got 3 grams of "kush" for 20 today haha.
  19. I got somewhere around 3.2-3.4 today for 25 haha. My guy said it was kush, but he wasn't sure exactly which strain. Reddish orange hairs and a good amount of crystals, all in some dense nugs. One or two stems but it looked pretty legit. About .3 of it in a mflb killed me.
  20. For fuck sake man, where do you live? That price down here and i would be set for life.

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