20/20: Athiest Discrimination

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by high as hell, Aug 6, 2007.

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  2. Thats funny how the christians called her a "devil worshipper",
    then they blamed her for stealing a pair of shoes!
  3. Sing along now:

    Living in America - eye to eye, station to station
    Living in America - hand to hand, across the nation
    Living in America - got to have a celebration

    Oh, and Iran ofcourse...

    But more seriously, what the hell did they expect moving out to the middle of nowhere where bible-thumping is regarded more or less as a public sport rather than a private affair.

    I find it rather telling that religion in the western world is strongest in low population density areas. We got the same general trend around here (allthough nowhere as bad as in the clip, afterall, belief in a personal meddling deity is in a severe minority here in northern europe). Although I won't claim this as fact or anything, I believe that such homogenous populations as one find in rather close knit and secluded parts of the country, haven't yet had the chance to develop the tolerance and live-and-let-live attitude that is required in more population dense and dynamic societies. Such as you find on the US coasts and great lakes cities.

    We have a name for it, the village troll. And it will bite the head off anyone that is different.

    And what drives them is fear. Fear of what they do not know or are comfortable with. Fear is a dangerous emotion to be misused and let roam free.

    - fear of political power lead to conspiracy theories
    - metaphysical fear, fear of death, leads to religion, a theological conspiracy
    - fear of personal inadequacy leads to racism,
    - fear of strange cultures leads to ultra-nationalism

    But it do work to confirm Dawkins point that religion is divisive. And in this case, outright evil.

    Not to mention the thick hypocrisy. If these people are so christian, why don't they do as their god tells them to in their holy book (the new part). Love, forgive, turn the other cheek, pray in silence.
  4. [SIZE=+1]No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered as patriots. This is one nation under God.[/SIZE]
    -- George Bush

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