20,000 hours my ass

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  1. So an HPS bulb is allegedly supposed to last 20,000 hours? I have 9 total lamps, all 250 watt hps and one went at 4,000 hours, and now I have another one that is on its last legs (lighting and re-lighting, won't stay lit) at 5,000 hours. The others look good right now but they weren't all bought at same time, they probably only have about 3000 hours on them if that.
    The bulbs were both Ipower, anyone have a brand that is better? I don't care what the cost is I just want one that will last.
    Another question, what if I were to put a stronger bulb in like a 600 watt or something, would the life be extended operating at low power? I know putting a smaller bulb with a large ballast is a huge no no but don't see what the harm would be other way around. The 600w would essentially be operating at 40% power.
    It is really a pain to change my bulbs the way I have my setup, so would like to avoid this for as long as possible. whatever way I can do that.

  2. LEDs last for a shitload of time :D
    like 50'000 hours for the best ones. Chinese will probably last less, but people are running them china leds for 4 years now and no problem. Id say they are capable of 30k hours solid if driven at a bit lower current (like 500-600 mA for 3w rated leds). I see you are running a lot of lights, man that will cost a crapload.
    Yeah I plan to get LED's for side/additional lighting when I have the money. Cost is a big issue though, so $30 for a new HPS bulb is the way I am going right now.
    And I still have another 3 600 watters planned for other side of room, with 1500watts going 24/0 in the veg room right now LOL. My electric for the month for those lights is about $275, probably $350 when I add in 1800 more watts. Well worth it though.
  4. god damn that is a big grow op.
    my 40w panel looks like a fart in the wind next to this :D
  5. "The bulbs were both Ipower, anyone have a brand that is better? I don't care what the cost is I just want one that will last."

    Dude, you get what you pay for and you bought crap bulbs. If you want actual horticultural lighting, buy an actual horticultural bulb such as Hortilux EYE Super HPS or Hortilux EYE Blue Daylight, depending on your needs.

  6. Could be a wiring issue but it doesn't really sound like that.  Just a thought to keep in mind.
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    I buy the cheapest shittiest bulbs ever for my 600w hps in boxes of 10, but then again I change my bulbs every year some times twice, but hey who listens to the sales crap....there is a very good test of hps bulbs on you tube
    I think Hotilux is rated the best 
  8. Hortilux only in my hoods.

    And why 9 250w? Just curious. Why not a few thousands or a couple 600s? Footprint can't be that beneficial with the loss of penetration. What's your grow style?

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  9. You buy cheap, you get cheap and iPower is cheap. The rated lifetime of bulbs is an average. You had a runt. iPower ballasts aren't exactly high quality either, so that'll shorten the lifespan.

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