2 year old smokes 40 cigs a day...

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  1. Video: No Words For This: 2yr Old Smokes 40 Cigarettes A Day! (Addicted To Nicotine)

    Holy fuck.

    I thought it was fake until the cig started burning. Seems legit to me. But unbelievable.
  2. i was like "this is bullshit," til he started sittin there takin drag after drag after drag. how bout at the start he was about to lick the cherry hahaha
  3. The father obviously doesn't want to pay for his fat ass child's food anymore, and wants his child to die.
  4. i dont know what to say
  5. lmfao, that little fuckin kid started smokin at 18 months..how is that even possible??

    little dude was mad :cool: bout it too...:D
  6. Truly is crazy shit. Bad parenting. Normally if some like 15 year old kid is smoking I wouldn't say bad parenting, because they're old enough to know what tobacco does. But at 2 months he probably doesn't have a shit worth a clue. His mom acts like he's some 7ft heroin addict. She can't control him, and can't deny him. Fuckin idiots in this world.
  7. wow that kid is so cool. :cool:

    no really now i feel like a smoke
  8. This is pretty sad. These parents have absolutely no excuse. I hate how the mom acts like its not her fault.
    For a 2 year old to get addicted you would need to teach him how to smoke and constantly give him cigarettes. These parents should be charged with manslaughter.
  9. HA ha, u beat me to this one op. i was gonna post this after i caught it on ic a little bit ago.

    this shit is so fckd up in so many ways, but i think the fact that i laughed was the most fckd up part.
  10. Yeah I had a cig after this video. But I'm not sure if this is in America. But if it is then the parents should be jailed. To get him to be crying over nicotine, then he would to of had a nice amount of them. If I had a kid I wouldn't even let them get near cigs in my house until they were 18, just because I wouldn't want my kid to do.

    Christ people are so stupid. He's 2. You can control a 2 year old.
  11. This kid is Indonesian,
    stupid parents .
  12. pretty insane but while in vietnam i saw this kid by his boat smokin a stoge. he looked about 5 or 6 but was smokin like a grown ass man. but think the parents definately wanted their kid dead so fucked up how do u get addicted to cigs by age 2!!!?!?!?!
  13. what the FUCK dude...

    how does someone even have the morals to start making kids smoke that early. i HIGHLY doubt he just picked up a cig and started smoking it. someone must have taught him (his dad?)

    i thought this was going to be fake at first, until i saw that vid...jesus christ.
  14. Well seeing his as his mom doesn't mind, and lets him smoke 40 cigs a day I'd say she turned him onto it and taught him.
  15. cigs prolly cost more then his food and their doing just give him asthma and pay more money on doctor bills then go to jail haha dumb fucks
  16. Straight up.

    But remember the mom

    "I cant say no to my child"

    Shit I could.

  17. If this was in America, the parents would be jailed for child endangerment and the kid would be taken away. It is illegal to give minors cigarettes, and if anyone did it at that age, the judge would throw the book at the parents.

    This is so fucked up, I'm speechless. I don't give a shit if you're smoking when you're 18 or older, but you don't give a kid cigarettes when he's less than two years old. Jesus suffering fuck. :mad:
  18. Yeah I know they would. But I'm saying it might be America but nobody knows. But I think it is in another country, and some tourist is filming it or some shit:eek:

    Yeah his mom is stupid. Simple is that eh?
  19. I agree with your assessment on the parents.

    However, if they haven't strung up a single tobacco company or executive on murder one yet, after millions of lives lost to the one and only product they make, you probably don't stand a chance in hell on this.

  20. no,his not cool,his dieing :(

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