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2 year old bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iryad, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. well my friends mom found his stash, and she's had it hidden ever since, well, we found it... 2 years later :) Is it still smokable? looks dry as a rock but it still has that special smell to it.

    what do you guys think? the reason we can't just smoke it is because we don't want his mom to notice it's gone, but if it's still smokable, we don't really care.
  2. I personally wouldn't bother and throw it away. But then again I grow:D.
  3. 1).Take the stash.
    2). Refill with oregano
    4). Profit!
  4. put a orange peel in there and pray that it starts to look good. once it does take out the peel
  5. lol:D
  6. y rehydrate it? bong or roll-it up man.
  7. I would personally roll it.
  8. Two Year Cure? Get ready to be buttered.
  9. its still smokable. its jsut gonna be really dry.....hell u might get higher off it noe than u would have 2 yrs ago.
  10. blunt it.

    or cook with it. its deff. still good!
  11. Smoke that shit. When she asks where it went be like "I found pot in your room and threw it out. You shouldn't smoke weed mom" LMAO!
  12. I like that one, hope my kid doesn't toss my stash one day....
  13. ive smoked 3 year old bud and got will just burn a little faster thats all
  14. hydrate that shit then smoke it outta a bong...i wish i had 2 yr old wed to see what happends lol
  15. try it out, if its been 2 years i would highly doubt she would remember where it was or it would probably be gone by now
  16. what i dont get is why your mom didnt just throw it away! 2 years shes been hiding it... she isnt going to remember..unless she was saving it for your parents like 20th anniversary or some shit lol

  17. When i was 13 i found weed in my mothers room (schwagg) right after she gave me a lecture about smoking weed and all of the (false) risks, so i smoked it and an hour later she busted into my room and said "WHERE DID YOU PUT IT?!?!" so i started laughing my ass off and repeated the lecture she gave me. good times

    Sorry about that...... anyway, i agree SMOKE THAT SHIT!!!! or make some fire crackers.
  18. if it doesnt look moldy smoke it up
  19. ya dude chances are she wont realize if you were to refill it with like grass clippings or something, unless she is a stoner herself.

    but how much did you find? just take 1 nug smoke it, see how it is and if it would be worth it to find something to refill the bag with.

    peace dude

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