2 x 4 Auto Grow ! (Easy Ryder/Red Dwarf)

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  1. Here's the start of the grow! I will keep updating every few days.. Feel free to comment!

    Setup: 2x4x5 Grow Tent

    600w Dimmable Electronic Ballast (w/mh & hps bulbs)
    4" 165 CFM Inline Fan (no filter)
    Promix HP Soil-less Mix
    1 Airpot for testing (great buy so far)
    Rhizotronic Root Stim
    2 part GH Flora Series Nutrients

    2x Easy Ryder
    3x Red Dwarf

    1st Easy Ryder is sitting at approx day 7
    I believe I encountered a slight heat issue the last couple days (83-86), the leaf tips spiked up a bit, must have stunned growth temporarily... The inline was not running....
    Currently on 20/4 @250w mh and watering with Rhizo...



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