2 wks old brown spots

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  1. i know its probably an easy fix i just dont wanna mis diagnose it but there 2 weeks old and i just moved them to pots yesterday morning they looked fine last night and this morning theres brown spots on 2 out of the 3 plants and maybe a little droopy compared to my other plant plz help thx

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  2. what soil r u using ? my tap water kills all dont no bout yours . cant tell in photo how u watered, but i usually water really well and saturate with rainwater when transplanting into new potting soil. seems to make the soil more neutral and gets the microbeasties working if the soil has them in it .
  3. im uising fox farms ocean forest i had them in the jiffy tabs im using tap water that i cut the ph down i think its just under 7 ihave kind of a cheap meter im getting digital tho and i let my tap water sit out for a few days and just shake it morning and night to get rid of the chlorine but im guessing i should probaly get distilled water or something and i didnt saturate the soil either or pac it at all thx for the help man anymore suggestions?
  4. ffof is an excellent soil , imo . they just need a good watering , try not 2 splash the leaves when watering and feeding seedlings . they are relatively fragile and water droplets can act as a prism under mh/hps and make hot-spots causing yellow spots . i suspect u may kno this , also wont need 2 feed for 3-4 weeks ffof is warm and will b plenty until shes bigger .

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