2 wks from harvest and plant bent/fell over!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by xxChizampxx, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I came home from work this afternoon, went to go check on the girls (2), and found that one of them completely bent over at the base of the stem and a side branch of the other plant had bent over completely as well. I ran to HP and snagged some wooden dowels and I staked them both up fairly well...but, are these plants doomed? I checked on them this morning before work and all was well. They are bagseed plants, about 2-3 weeks from harvest. Last watering was Monday and they're growing in 3 gallon bags. I'm just assuming that they're getting so top-heavy now that they just fell over. Maybe they were thirsty as well but if they bent and not broke, gotta mean the stems have enough moisture. I don't know. Hopefully they can overcome as I gave them a nice soaking with h2o. Whaddya guys think? Also, I had a bad thrips case for a few weeks, could finally be taking a tole on the plants too.
  2. the thrips may have weakened your stem but as long as youve taken care of that problem and staked the plant up then you should be straight...

    i mean youre not gonna have your ideal yield but hey at least you finished it thru right?

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