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2 White Owls n' 2 Grams of C99 + Ecstasy Bonus [PICS]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by DoblazE, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Well, just got back from the gas station and bought two vanilla white owls and picked up 2 grams of Cinderella 99 from a local grower for $35.. As well picked up 4 Blue McDonald's!


    Here's a sample of the Cinderella 99 up close..

    Bonus picture: These aren't bad, bought them cause I had a great deal for them ($30 for 4), did reagent tests, black, black, blue all under 8 seconds.
  2. nice buds dude and +rep on the vanilla while owls, nice choice. those beans looks cool too man, enjoy those.
  3. That cinderella looks like some reaall dank.
  4. Oh, nice pickup. haha
  5. Yeah mayne, white owls n' dutches ftw.
    Pretty good thizzles and the C99 is amazing it's from JoeyWeed seeds.
  6. Damn, that c99 looks bomb.
  7. thank you man thank you. the majority of kids i come in contact with to smoke a blunt are always like games games games! i'd much rather smoke a dutchmaster or a white owl.
  8. Wow those buds look primo, its making me wish i hadn't started a tolerance break :p

    It will be worth it though :smoking:
  9. nice rolls and bud man
  10. Thanks guys, just rolled both of them right now, smoking one in a bit with a mate and saving the other for tomorrow. I'm taking the boat out to the lake with 2 of my mates and just sit back on some rolling rock and blunt n' spliffs. :smoking:
  11. Looks good man, have fun with all that!
  12. Dank pick-up man. And rolling rock is one of my favorite beers too. How's the roll on those Mickey D's?
  13. Pretty good, better than I expected. I first started with pillreports and came with alright ones, but this must been of been from a different chemist/presser (whatever). Clean comedown, nice long peak.

  14. green games! :d
  15. Vanilla White Owls and Green Game blunts=love
  16. #16 General Shroom, Jun 5, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 5, 2009
    nice beans
  17. update on thizz: awesome! mmm..
  18. hell yeah on the white owls, vanilla is the best.

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