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  1. Goji Og. 2 plants scrogged in a 2x4.

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  2. Hey look clean, healthy and happy!
  3. looking good. So you know there is light or heat stress. Its not a major issue i just see it in the leaves curling . Just dim your light 10 %.
  4. Almost flawless!
    @bryan oconner is correct, the heat may be just a tad high, or the humidity a tad low.

    Nothing serious tho.
  5. Looks great deep21 nice work! How many watts is your light from the wall? a little bit of stretch on goji og similar to the stretch of holy grail kush - most phenos i have experienced..My small setup 2x2ft actually more like 1.8ft x 1.7 ft scrog and height of 1.6 metres tent had one g13 labs og13 reach about 80 cm and holy grail kush next to it reach about 1.4 metres had the home made cob on an angle with one side- holy grail side- light touching the ceiling of the tent and cobs nearly touching the buds as there was so much stretch compared to 100% or 80% indicas.

    However that was my highest yeilding grow in my very small setup. a little more than 8 ounces four on each plant or a little more than 4 on holy grail and both handled the close light to the buds well even though the wattage is excessive for my area...Anyway anything with og in it i find a bit tricky to grow but worth it..Yours look great should have almost every square of the screen with a bud..That what i hope for in my scrogs but end up with about 60-70% colas per squares.Up to4- 6 grams each cola..lights only 209 watts, so not 1gm per watt yet but close.

    Anyway looking forward to updates on the flowering, smoke report and final product and yield reports.
  6. Deep21, very nice work!!
  7. Thanks y’all! I completely agree with the fact that it’s running too hot and too bright in there. I have overdone it with leds in there. I think I have about 1250 watts of quantum boards in there. 4 hlg 240 drivers and a hlg 120 driver. So it can get pretty hot in there with em cranked up. And I do tend to crank it up, but they seem to love it. Any ways … struggled last year with all sorts of issues.. this is the first run this year and it looks alittle better hopefully with yeild. Completely defoliated the next day and the next pics are 1 week later. All lights turned down to max as I usually have it:

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  8. Im guessing a 2 to 2.5 ft stretch?
  9. At most a foot since flipping.

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