2 weeks to finish maximum

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  1. Alright time is just flying so quickly ... I have those two Northern Lights pheno they have been flowering for 8 weeks. When I flipped I was aware that breeder's time is only a reference for harvest window but this is suppose to be a 7-8 week genetic. So I kept two weeks safety. Bringing me to June 14
    June 14 Im going out of town for a few days so I really need to chop June 14 in morning maximum.
    They are far from over.
    What can I do?

    light schedule is 11/13 WIN_20190531_15_01_23_Pro.jpg
    Coco perlite
    600w hps (+250w hps turned off since yesterday)
    4x4x6½ tent WIN_20190531_15_01_05_Pro.jpg
    Canna nutes ( stopped cannaboost as it seems to pump up new growth)
    Ph in 5.8 out 6.2
    500ppm in 400out WIN_20190531_15_00_53_Pro.jpg WIN_20190531_15_01_10_Pro.jpg
    Day 24°C, 35-40%RH
    Night 19°C 55%RH
  2. Drop another hour of light, only give a third the amount of water and hope they finish up in time. Either that if only a few days gone it may benefit to just leave them in the dark while your gone, I sit mine in the dark up to 5 days before I chop without watering
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  3. I will drop an other hour. But like I said, this is a Coco grow. Reducing water intake means no more runoff. Should I flush?

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