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2 weeks to cut ~15 pounds!

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by carrythezer0, Apr 14, 2011.

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    Edit: I feel that 15lbs is a little much, so my new, and more realistic/healthy goal, is -10lbs (10.7 to be exact, or from 200.7 to 190lbs) in a little over 2 weeks (by May 1st).

    My workout is an upper/lower split, 4 days a week, focused on the main compound lifts with very little accessory work.

    Sup blades. Today I decided that I'm going to start going on a 2000 cal diet, while continuing weight lifting 3 days a week and cardio on off days. At 6'2 200.7lbs, I'm not really overweight as I have some decent muscle (although most of that is in my back/legs), but I definitely have neglected my diet while bulking up. Before, I would easily get in 3-4k cals. Now, I wasn't just eating junk, but I was, hopefully, just eating too much. It's crunch time here, and I really wanna move in to the new place next month and be able to feel comfortable taking my shirt off and jumping in the pool. I know that might sound lame, but it's something to keep me motivated.

    If I feel like 2000 is too little calories, like if I have no energy to work/work out, then I'll jump up to 2250 or something. I know ideally I would start at around 2500 and go down, but I don't have time to waste, so here goes. I'll be both weighing in and updating this post every day like a journal. I'll even be writing down every little thing I eat.

    Current lift maxes
    (for reference, will compare at end of 2 weeks):
    Squat-255, Deadlift-340, Row-230, Bench-175, Press-140

    Height: 6 2
    Starting weight: 200.7

    Primary diet
    (I've always dreaded going on a diet like this, but I think it's what I need):
    Lean meats (fish, chicken, pork), vegetables/green lettuces, fruits (mainly before/after exercise), brown rice, sweet potatoes, green tea

    Whey protein, Fish Oil


    Today is my off day, so I'll probably just do a few hundred pushups/chin ups at work for some cardio. Photos will be up soon.
  2. At 200 pounds and at 6'2 it doesn't sound like you would be considered overweight, considering that you do workout consistently.

    Losing Fat - Bodybuilding.com Forums
    browse around that link and you will find a ton of information of cutting, which is what you want to do, it will help.
    Also 15 pounds in 2 weeks will be difficult, i suggest you allow yourself a larger timeframe
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    Yeah, I realize 15 pounds is a lot to lose in such a short time frame, but it's what I want to lose overall. Realistically, I think I can get to 192 in 2 weeks. I know some of that will be water weight, but it's still weight. Long term, I'll keep cutting until I'm happy and then I'll bulk up again, except next time around I'll be watching the cals.

    As for my diet today, I consumed roughly my target goal of ~2000 cals. What I entered into Fitday gave me 1571, but I also didn't factor in that I had half a whey shake (some shitty brand because I ran out of my good stuff) and a little salad dressing on my salad at work so that's maybe another 300-400 cals, all while still getting 200g protein in. Not bad! :p

    What I ate...
    (separated by meal)
    Half a whey shake
    Salad with a can of tuna and a small tomato
    1 cup oats with some ground flax meal + green tea
    handful of chicken breast and salsa with hot sauce
    small orange
    Another salad with chicken, tomatoes, carrots, and a little dressing
    Handmade cheese steak spring rolls (I had ~2 full ones, which I figured was OK since my cals were low for the day)

    1,571 + ~400 in carbs/protein
  4. I know day-to-day weight progress doesn't mean much, but I did wake up today at 200lbs (-.7), so at least I'm working my way down. Off to the gym I go!
  5. I'll be taking photos everyday to track my progress, but I probably will only post new ones every few days. As you can see, front is soft... chest/shoulders are my weak points for now.

    2nd day photos (after gym):


    Half-assed back pose ;)
  6. that tiny frame deadlifts 340? well damn son :p

    wanna cut 15 lbs? start with cutting liquids like UFC fighters do.

    BTW, you dont need 200 grams of protein a day if you're goal is weight loss

  7. haha yeah, it's just that I've been doing strength training this whole time, so not a tremendous amount of size here... legs are pretty big compared to the rest of my body though.

    Cut liquids? I've been making it a point to get in ~1-1.5 gallons of water a day. I thought water = good? As for the 200g protein, it's just something I try to get in. I'd rather have protein cals than a bunch of carbs/fat, although I am aware that excess, unused protein just turns into fat.

    I did get down to 199, so at least the weight is going down steady.
  8. There is a difference between "cutting" and "losing" weight.

    You can cut 15 pounds in a matter of two hours of by sweating out water weight doing interval cardio and wearing many layers of thick heavy clothing or a sweat suit.

    You can lose healthy 2 or 3 pounds max a week, by decreasing calories taken in, and increasing calories burned.

    Here's the difference: The second you drink or eat anything after cutting weight, you're going to immediately put the weight back on. There isn't a fast track to losing weight and keeping it off. You technically could burn more than 2 to 3 pounds a week, but you're gonna take some muscle with the fat that you lose. Just do it the right way, or don't do it at all. :ey:
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    Down another 1.5 pounds (197.5), so in 4 days I am down 3.2 pounds. I'm surprised I saw a big drop after yesterday because I had a cheat meal, or a "carb load" in this case. I housed a bag of organic tortilla chips w/ sea salt (low sodium) and some fresh salsa for like 950 cals in one sitting (I was craving it, and I mighttt have indulged in some mary. Munchies... and I was doing so well. I don't really feel that bad about it, since I still prob only got in around 2k cals that day. But, hey, I'm gonna go burn it all off in an hour, so here goes! ;)

    As far as water weight is concerned, I'm not really just trying to cut that. My main goal here is fat loss. Yeah, I'm sure I'm losing water weight as well here, but I seriously do drink 1-1.5 gallons a day, so Idk how I could be losing that much water. Maybe I should change thread title to "2 weeks to cut ~10 pounds"? :p I'll see if I notice any strength loss in the gym today.

    **Also, one thing I've been doing is walking to the store instead of driving. It's nice for a change, plus makes me feel less lazy. I think I never did it before because I used to live in such a shitty neighborhood hahaha. Another thing I've been working on is eating smaller portions, and eating carbs + protein together-- always, especially post-workout. I'm buying a new 10lb bag of whey and I'll be using creatine for the first time since my 2 month stint (Dec-Jan) using Assault (which has creatine). 2000g/400 servings is only $37.99 +%10 off coupon for my whole order at BB.com... can't beat that.
  10. Dude you gotta take it slow, only 1-2 lbs per off should be your goal.

    Trust me I ate around 1,500 calories a day while working out a bunch for a couple months and I went from 210lbs to 185lbs. After I got comfortable with my weight it just slowly crept back on because it wasn't sustainable.

    The only way it would work I guess is if you stayed very consistent with workouts after you reached your desired weight.

    Actually idk wtf im talking about I'm no expert lol :D
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    haha well Idk, I just kinda started eating like a "normal" person and the weight seems to be coming off steadily. Not that I'm fat or anything, but I definitely eat like a fat ass, and I definitely have some extra weight on me. I love working out, but I think I just eat too much since food is the shit.

    I woke up today at 196.5, so that's another pound in a day. I don't really understand why it's coming off so easily, because I've actually been eating around 2200-2500 cals on my workout days, so that should be about enough to maintain. Strength appears to be unaffected by the weight loss thus far, but we'll see how I fare with squats and dead lifts today...

    11 days to drop 6.5lbs
  12. When did you start eating right?

    Wa lot of water weight comes off in the first week. Literally the first week I did it I lost like 10-12lbs, but then the rest of weeks it was only like 4,5, or 6 on a good week.
  13. haha it's been 5 days.
  14. Felt great in the gym today. I got a PR of 235x5 on squats which felt almost too easy, and I've been taking it light on the dead lifts ever since getting back from being sick for 2 weeks, but today I did 300x5 for the first time in a while, so that felt good. I'll get back up (and past) my old max of 325x5 in no time...
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    Down to 195.5lbs (-5.2lbs/7 days). This is interesting because yeah, I'm eating less, but it's not an insane amount less. I feel like these smaller portions and crazy amounts of water is what is working for me here. Idk, we'll see how I make out in the end. 9 days to lose 5.5 pounds!
  16. The brief story of my move to the city...

    I partied a lot. There were parties pretty much every night, and if not, me and my roommate would probably drink a few brews or smoke and then I'd get serious munchies. I gained a few extra pounds from where I started, and I worked out very little.

    ... kept partying, but I started eating smaller portions/eating better again. I tried staying more active. I bought only healthy foods and ate out less.
    I would say that I was over 200 after I was all settled into the new place (yes, I gained the weight I had lost right back after some personal issues), but then I lost the extra weight, plus another 10 pounds.

    I'm now weighing in at 186, which is only 1 pound off of my goal from when I started this thread, which was way back in April. I figure I could stand to lose another 6 pounds and then I'll be good. I feel much better about myself, and I can vouch for the fact that when you lose fat, it makes your muscles look bigger. My advice to anyone trying to lose weight is to eat smaller/healthy portions, and to stay active! I find that when I keep active, I want to eat less. It's been a long learning process, but it feels great to finally feel like I know what I'm doing!

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