2 weeks old plant with damaged leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Jalapeno, Mar 2, 2016.

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    I couldn't take any better pictures of plants but...
    What are those? - Kalashnikova autos from greenhouseseeds
    How old? - 14 days, the damaged one germed on day 6, healthy one on day 2 (bought 3 seeds, 1 didn't germ at all)
    When did this occur? - As soon as it popped put of the soil. At first it only had brown spot on the leaf. At the moment new leaves do not develop fully, it looks like they have been cuted or torn. I do not see any significant difference in colour.
    Ph levels? - According to my cheap Ph meter, both soils are around 6.6-6.8

    Has anyone had similar problems? Thanks in advance
  2. Could be over-hydration or under-hydration, also could be deprived of proper lighting, but judging by the leaf color, it looks fine, it could just be a slow grower and it's very fragile to gravity, although take it that i'm not a grower.

    edit: i was looking at the second pic when i was typing that, yeah i'd probably say it needs more water
  3. Ok, I thought over/underwatering would have affected plant differently but I'll give it a go.
    For lightning I have 170w leds. It's a micro grow so I don't want them to grow taller than 40cm, that's ok eh?

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  4. Do you have a cat?

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  5. Nah, no pets.

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