2 weeks old fem white widow auto is sick

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  1. need ur help boys, plant is white widow, shes 2 days into her 2nd week, now the bottom fan leaves are turning a rust color and a lighter green.   i was thinking a calcium def but not sure, here are my stats.   i know im not gonna grow a huge plant so i dont need reminded.  just personal use
    Growing in a PC tower (LARGE ONE) Im using a 6 quart tote for DWC, six water stones so plenty of o2. using a half gal of water total, only 1 plant in tote,   my ph is btween  5.2 and 6.0,   im only using micro nutes and grow nutes.  Xnutrients has a feeding chrt,(pic attached)  help me, dont want her to die, bout 90degrees, what should i do,  i woke up this morning and and it got worse from the night before,   changed the water this morning, only used 1.82ml of grow and 1.82ml of micro nutes    1/4 strength to help revive.  dont know what to do.   my ppm meter broke.  HELP!!!


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  2. I'm sorry I no longer advise growers who grow in pc cases, it should be banned and those who do, should be encased in one themselves ...thank you
  3. wow ur a friendly fella arent you, just askin for advise, not ur hand in marriage! thanks anyway
  4. temps are too high, shoot for 70-80. need to know what your ppm is; advise no more nutes until color returns. you should dilute by adding water. ph should be at a constant 5.7.
    good luck!
  5. Sorry for that! ...but I've seen a few pc grows and very few are ever successful, for one reason you may toke all your hard work in one joint, and the plant never ever gets a chance to do it's thing.
    But you can just keep her in veg till spring and she will thank you for that ....big time!

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