2 weeks old, CFLs, bagseed, Droopy, yellow and purple

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    Soil: 1:1:1 Gold peatmoss, vermiculite, pearlite
    4 27 watt 5300k CFLs, and 2 20 watt floro tubes
    lighting 19/5
    temps 20-24 C, humidity unknown but dry
    Watered 3 hours before photos with water adjusted to pH 5.6 with a drop of vinegar, runoff water was pH 6.5. previous watering was 5 days ago, 3 days before that
    no nutrients
    2 weeks old from bag seed

    3 plants.

    The biggest one has really twisty leaves and the two large bottom leaves are starting to turn yellow and get hard

    The other two have very curly/droopy leaves, with purple outlines/edges.

    On one of the plants, the bottom leaves are starting to turn very dark and get hard

    Any input would be appreciated; first attempt at growing.
  2. You have a serious Ph flucutation issue. Notice how the small leaves look like a wrinkled old man nutsack? You need to flush it out good, and water with Ph stabilized water to start. Consider getting some bottled water until you can balance out the Ph.
  3. I agree, your medium is a soil less mix. Soil less mixes should be between 5.2-5.8 on the run-off. Do not add vinegar to anythinhg except water for soil. Hydro it can kill it.

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