2 weeks into flowering

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  1. so heres some pics of my single plant I have growing in my closet. Its 6 weeks old and 2 weeks into flowering. I just started to see these yellow/brownish dots on leaves that aren't very old, its not a big deal i was just asking what thats from but mainly i was asking for your comments and suggestions. This is my first indoor grow. The dots are hard to see in the pictures but whats on the one leaf is uniform on many other leaves. im growing in a bubble bucket with an air cooled 400w hps

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  2. What spots? Hard to see with HPS light. Maybe you can take some pics with lights off. Plant looks pretty good. Right on schedule.
  3. i dunno theres just tiny spots in the first picture
  4. Yeah.
    I do see those. You don't see any bugs anywhere or anything?
  5. no i don't see any bugs. My friend had a couple plants, grew with a 150w hps and I remember his plants also had these little dots, his harvest was great the bud was dank but im just wondering what its from?
  6. heres a better picture of the spots

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  7. some sort of deficiency or very very mild burn that didnt last very long..

    should be ok.

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